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3 DesignCenter Says Plan Now for Personalised Xmas Gifts

16 September, 2013: Christmas seems to get earlier every year. The shops appear to start their festive displays and special offers before anyone feels the remotest bit festive, and for many it is too early to start thinking about Christmas just yet. 

However, even for those people who do not enjoy the fact that Christmas arrives so early, it could still be a good idea to start planning the Christmas presents that they will get for their families and partners. 

3DesignCenter, the 3D crystal design specialist warns that planning early is very important for anyone who wants to give something a bit more personal to someone special this year. 

Personalised crystal engravings are one such option. 3DesignCenter says that these are an ideal gift for someone special because they can be personalised. For example, anyone who wants to provide someone with a personal and unique gift can choose a crystal engraving that is based on a personal image, such as a favourite pet, their car or their home. 

There is no limit to the scope for engraved images, especially with a team of experts working on it, like those at 3DesignCenter. All they require is a standard image and they can work from this to create a 3D version that can then be used in a crystal block. If they have a few images to work from, it is even easier for them to create a 3D version. 

It is not always easy choosing Christmas presents, especially for the most important people. However, 3D engravings can be a great option, especially for people who want to give a more personal gift. In addition, these engravings are special because they are long lasting. They do not fade or look old even after many years, making them the ideal gift for anyone who wants to give a present that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

However, anyone who wants to give a personalised 3D crystal gift to someone special this year should start planning it soon, because it is not something that can just be bought in the shop. 

About Company: 

3DesignCenter is a design studio run by specialist 3D designers. The team of designers create high-quality 3D designs for crystal engravings, including boutique designs. Find details of all of the designs and the process at http://www.3designcenter.com .

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