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Immigrants Boost Number Of Transfers From Antalya To Alanya

17 September 2013: According to recent data a significant number of the monthly airport transfers from Antalya to Alanya can be attributed to the many immigrants from all over the world who choose to travel to, and settle in, the southern regions of Turkey. 

The town of Alanya itself is a particular favourite, currently serving as the home of an estimated twelve thousand four hundred foreign nationals from every corner of the world. A surprisingly large percentage of these hail from Denmark, with approximately three thousand eight hundred and twenty Danes residing in the seaside hotspot. Germany is a close second, having seen more than three thousand four hundred and eighty of its citizens flee to the warmer climates of southern Turkey. 

In fact, the region's climate is one of the main reasons that citizens from other parts of the world take the short trip from the airport in Antalya to Alanya and try to start a new life in the coastal town. Other alluring attributes of the southern Turkish holiday hotspot include the hospitality of its people, its scenic shoreline and its natural beauty. In short, the very same attributes which cause tourists to flock to Alanya every summer are the ones keeping Danes, Germans and other foreign immigrants around for as long as twelve years or more. 

With such a significant foreign presence, it is only natural that Alanya would seek to adapt to this reality. Much more so than other seaside resorts and tourist hotspots, this southern Turkish town is prepared to welcome and accommodate its immigrants. A dedicated cemetery for foreign citizens and a Catholic church are both part of the town's configuration, despite the latter not even being the country's prominent religious faith. These generous and accommodating measures are part of the reason why most foreigners residing in Antalya declare themselves happy with both their lifestyle and the people of the city. 

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