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M.O.E.T. Creates Raw And Edgy Hip Hop On Her Upcoming Album “Already Written”!

Seattle, Washington; Sept. 22, 2013: With roots based in soul and hiphop, a unique flow and lyrical content provide the backbone for the music of M.O.E.T. Her artistic evolution and the ability to relate to others create a vacuum of relatable content backed with brilliant lyrical composition. Infectious beats accent intelligent songwriting that can only be described as visceral and impossible to ignore. 

The challenges of emerging as a new face in a crowded hip-hop industry serves as one of the primary motivations of MOET Accounts of personal triumph in a world where many similar artists are jousting for media buzz make “Already Written” shine. The grounded attitude of M.O.E.T. speaks to her ability to ‘stay in her lane’; a character trait that she hopes listeners will recognize. 

Recorded in a home and professional studio, “Already Written” is part of a long-term plan to branch out and strengthen bonds with her existing fans. Still in her early stages, the DIY mentality of M.O.E.T. is the first step in branding a style that utilizes modern hip-hop conventions and offering listeners with a glimpse into her life and self-progression. Read the latest news regarding the release of “Already Written”, and listen to M.O.E.T.’s current tracks at http://soundcloud.com/moetslappers . For additional content and live performances, check out her Moetslappers YouTube channel. 

For Media Contact:
T.D. Schemansky
3000 Records
P.O. Box 180902
Utica, MI 48318
(586) 480-3000

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