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New, How to Get Sponsors Training Available Online

(New York, NY) --JUL 8, 2009 --Literally tens of thousands of individuals, performing artists, authors, small businesses, and organizations are asking, "How do I get a sponsor?" And understandably so; complementary capital is an invaluable resource to launch or enhance their business or project.

The How to Get Sponsors e-Course (www.getsponsors.8k.com) not only thoroughly addresses the question, but it does so in a manner where the complex is made simple. The program was created for anyone who has always wanted to be sponsored, but didn't know where, or how to start.

Sponsorships have proven to be the financial solution for many events and projects who were short on capital. The How to Get Sponsors e-Course is a great opportunity for individuals world-wide to learn first-hand about the most effective strategies and techniques involved in strategically securing sponsors. It provides an overview of the sponsorship process and includes tips used for quickly receiving checks in the mail in as little as three days.

Students who took this course have used the information to obtain sponsorship dollars and in-kind services from Pepsi-Cola, McDonalds, Fidelity Investments, AAA, Coors Light, Qwest, Pink Parties and Helping Hands, Staples, Verizon Wireless, Jones Assisted Living, Electric Express, Curves, Hunter Steak House, Winter Chevrolet, Myles W. Miller, Terminix, Jacqueline Taylor Adams, Bank of America, and McDowell Travel.

The comprehensive course is taught over two weeks and consists of ten, in-depth and fast-moving lessons. Students have access to telephonic recordings of insider tips and expert advice, as well as five templates for scoring tens of thousands of sponsor dollars.

A Partial List of Topics

* How to Find and Approach Your Prospects

* How to Generate Steady Income

* How to Appeal to Your Sponsor's Mindset

* Shortcuts and Secrets to Sensational Success

* How to Attract Key Funders

* How to Write Compelling Sponsorship Proposals

* How to Create a Marketing Plan

* The Different Types of Sponsorships

* Protocol for Calling and Meeting With Your Sponsors.

To sign up for the e-Course, or for additional information, please visit The How to Get Sponsors website: http://getsponsors.8k.com


Fran Briggs is founding faculty member of www.the.mentorsclub.com along with Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Dr. Stan Harris, and Chuck Norris. She teaches an exciting e-course which shows people how to quickly secure sponsorships to sell more products and services, or promote their cause. Fran is an expert in business development and the original, "Get Sponsored" coach. For more information, visit www.getsponsors.8k.com



Fran Briggs

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