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HMS Plumbing Provides Plumbing Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year in the thousands of households across the country where parties are being held. It is also a busy time for plumbers as plumbing problems always increase around this time of year. This is why HMS Plumbing, a family-run firm of North Virginia plumbers, has released a few tips for residents in the area. 

One of the first things that the firm advises is avoiding disposing of fat and grease down the drain after the meal. This is one of the main causes of plumbing problems at this time of year. As the fat cools it solidifies, and this can easily cause blockages and any residents who cannot unblock their drains will often have to call out a plumber. If the advice is adhered, however, to the problem will be prevented in the first place. 

Avoiding throwing turkey skin and other unsuitable waste down the garbage disposal is another of the key tips being provided to residents of North Virginia. Plumbers are often called out to fix disposals after residents throw away problematic waste like peelings but again, this can easily be avoided. 

Another problem involves what people throw down the toilets. If you are inviting guests over, provide a bin in the bathroom and consider writing a polite note asking people to be careful about what they dispose of down the toilet. 

Anyone holding a Thanksgiving party should also remember that there will be a lot more demand placed on the water heater. One way to avoid possible problems is to encourage a break of ten minutes or so between showers to give the heater an opportunity to keep up with the demand. 

Calling out a plumber for a quick check of the property is perhaps the most important tip for residents of North Virginia. Plumbers can easily check over the main areas of the property and fix any minor issues that they come across, as well as providing advice for residents on how to avoid future problems. 

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