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Company expands offerings into File Sharing

Ludwig Saenz

Computing is moving to cloud, offsite storage and software which uses the Internet for programs and files. File sharing is one example of cloud and cloud storage. 

With file sharing, a customer is not tied to strictly one computer. As long as the computer can access the Internet, any files the customer wants or needs is as far away as their fingertips. 

MyNetStorage is pleased to announce this new service for its customers, business and personal. 

“The purpose of file sharing is to be able to access any information and send any information. Any file, particularly those that are data sensitive are ideal for file sharing. This takes any risk out of the worry about sending information across the Internet,” said Ludwig Saenz. 

If you can send an email, you can use File Share. Customers have the option of password protecting each document and file or setting an expiration date on the information. 

“All information is stored on private servers within MyNetStorage. This means your information is safe behind encrypted firewalls and the best security on the Internet,” said Saenz. 

Customers can upload up to 20 files at a time and up to 2GB per file. Choose what to send and where and send it. It really is that simple. 

“There is no need for downloading software or worry about third parties looking into private data and information. All of your work is safe within MyNetStorage,” said Saenz. 

Additional information and how to sign up for services are available on the website. Visit www.mynetstorage.com for details.

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