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The Best ‘A’ Rated Mobile Drugs Screen Testing in the U.S.A.

Los Angeles, CA -- Testing for drugs and alcohol has become a necessary part of building a successful business in the United States. An affordable and time saving way to drug screen or “background check”employees discreetly is by hiring the services of Mobile Drugs Screen, a reputable, fast and efficient drug testing and pre-employment services business which originated in Southern California. Thanks to their highly professional, capable, dedicated and experienced team, this trusted company has grown quickly andnow offers its services in the Counties ofLos Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Inland Empire also in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Surrounds, San Antonio, Austin and Surrounds. 

Mobile Drugs Screen delivers the most affordable and fastest drug and alcohol screening services available. Their customers are comprised of businesses, individuals, schools, sports organizations, and executive offices. They can bring their services right to the doorstep of any business, at any time of any day, which makes them themost convenient and quick-response drug screening service for detecting the use of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth just to name a few, alcohol, and also pain killers and misused prescription medications. 

The wide range of testing services offered by this Australian owned company help support a drug-free, and thus safer and more productive workplace. Testing programs include individual or company initiated analyses, DOT, DNA, Allergy, HIV or Specialized Testing, Background Checks, Court Ordered Programs, and even Skills Testing and Pre-employment Physicals. All resultsare delivered confidentially and discretely to the client. Some of the advantages of opting for Mobile Drugs Screen are: 

• Their expertise can be availed at any time, on any day, right at your doorstep. 

• They provide a variety of specialized tests such as Steroid/Sports drug testing, DNA, Fentanyl and HIV testing, among many other hard-to-find tests. 

• All Mobile Drugs ScreenTeam Members have medical backgrounds and have worked in clinical positions. 

• Budgetfriendly services are offered to provide volume-pricing, and discounts for schools, charitable organizations, and referral clients. They also have a Customer Loyalty program for repeat customers. 

• We believe we’ve partnered with the highest ratedlaboratories in the United States providing the next level of specimen testing when needed. 

Mobile Drugs Screen provides the very best on site drug, alcohol, specialized testing and pre-employment services such as background checks, skills testing and physicals. They operate in Southern California, Southern Texas and Oklahoma with new locations being added in October 2013 and plans to expand their horizons to locations globally. The company also has two Express Drugs Screen walk in locations in Irvine and Beverly Hills. 

Mobile Drugs Screen is not a franchise or a franchiseeand has no plans to sell territories. This privately owned company provides the personal, confidential and individualized service your company requires for accurate background checks and efficient drug testing. View a complete list of their services at http://mobiledrugsscreen.com . 

Website: http://mobiledrugsscreen.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MobileDrugsScreen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MDScreens
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLGsdGIWEEOwBx-J7im8jDA

About Mobile Drugs Screen, LLC

Mobile Drugs Screen provides on site drug, alcohol and specialized testing and pre-employment services such as background checks, skills testing and physicals. Our team provides top class service to Southern California, Southern Texas and Oklahoma with new locations coming in October 2013. Now also we have two Express Drugs Screen walk in locations in Irvine and Beverly Hills. 

Brad Smith
Mobile Drugs Screen, LLC
9465 Wilshire Blvd - Suite 300
Beverly Hills, CA 92012
Phone: 949-374-6360
Fax: 877-599-3260
Email: brad@mobiledrugsscreen.com

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