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Be Fit and See Peru on Foot

Be hardcore. Be fit. Be that person who says, "No, I will not go and laze on the beach this holiday, instead I'm going to go and do something different and challenging." Be the person who looks at a map of South America and sees miles to be traversed and mountains to be conquered. Be the person who goes on a trek in Peru. 

Peru is one of the South American countries that people often travel to when they want to explore the rich history of the people and cultures of the continent, and to spend time on the stunning and world-renowned beaches that line the coast. A trek in Peru is another great reason for travelling to this fantastic part of South America, and instead of driving or flying from locale to locale, visitors choose to trek though the region and really get to see the land and its people in an up close and personal fashion. 

By going with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, trekkers will get the chance to walk through the ancient Cuzco Inca temples and spend time in the thick forests that this influential culture called home. The walks will take visitors over to the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and for those who want even more exploration, a trek in Peru over the six major faces of the country can be arranged. This trek allows visitors to traverse the paths between the Amazon Jungle and the depths of the Colca Canyon before rising back up to ascend the Andean peaks. 

One of the best things about planning a trek in Peru is the time of year. As a warm country, Peru is a great place to visit in the months that travellers might not normally consider a holiday, and Ramblers Worldwide Holidays is the ideal company to help make an epic Peruvian trek a reality. 

About the Company: 

Since 1946 Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has been organising treks around the globe. A trek in Peru is a perfect example of how they can use their expertise to create an ideal walking experience abroad. To learn more visit their website at: http://www.ramblersholidays.co.uk/ . 

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