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Prince Henry uses Quick Portable Toilets porta potty at Colorado

Celebrities all over the world are known for their bathroom anxiety. When attending outdoor events, it is almost customary for these public figures to make their security team to drive them to the nearest 5-diamond hotel to relieve themselves. In their protest, these celebrities have claimed that they do not want to be staring at a cavern full of human waste and puke. While this may not be entirely true, public events like concerts and festivals tend to have porta potties like this.

While the debate on the celebrity fuss over porta potties continues, Prince Henry of Wales clearly does not seem to be bothered by it. Being royalty, one could have understood the need for royal treatment even when complaining about the celebrities. However, he has managed to put all to shame when he stepped into a porta potty like everyone else at the Warrior Games in Colorado. When he steps out of the porta potty, he did not seem disgusted or shocked by the average American outdoor toilet. Apparently, the royal heir seems used to the decidedly un-royalty treatment at his days in the army.

A buzz went around the porta potty industry as to which porta potty Company was privileged enough to be used by the royal heir. Word has it that Quick Portable Toilets, the supplier of portable toilets in and around Boulder, Colorado happened to be the Company that was supplying the sanitary units at the day of the Warrior Games. Majority of the Boulder CO Portable Toilets belong to this Company being one of the most prominent suppliers in the area.

This particular Company took just a few years to make itself a household name ever since the year it was established. Majority of the Colorado residents associate this Company’s name with outdoor toilets because their toilets are the ones mostly hired in the area. To gather further details regarding portable toilets Boulder CO kindly visit http://www.quickportabletoilets.com/colorado/porta-potty-in-boulder-co/


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