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Wealth Nation Entertainment / Universal Music Group – Fontana / Ingrooves Signs Southern Style Rapper “KEN-ROCK” Releasing His Highly Anticipated Single – “ Rebirth Of A Hustla”

Representing the Dirty South, Ken-Rock is releasing his highly anticipated debut single, “Rebirth of a Hustla”, with Universal Music Group Distribution. 

Ken-Rock collaborated with Grammy Award winning producers Alex Chigger p.k.a. “DonCheegro” and Harry Zelnick p.k.a. “Dirty Harry” on his debut single “Rebirth of a Hustla”. Taking you back to the streets is exactly what the team does in this single. The knocking of the beat with its futuristic twist gives you the feel of UGK, T.I., and 8 Ball and MJG. Ken-Rock lyricism tells you a true story about “hustlas” that are going through different transactions everyday, just as he is. 

Born in Hawaii and raised in the South. Ken-Rock has a strong determination to succeed as an artist in the music industry. His passion for music emerged with writing poems about family issues as a way of venting, which later turned into recordings to share with his peers. He has performed shows throughout Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and Florida. As a result, Ken-Rock met an artist by the name of Horace Brown p.k.a. "H.B." who’s worked with major producer Paulie Paul and R&B sensation Jahiem. They funded their own tour throughout Florida which led to meeting Flo-Rida’s manager, "Freezy" of Poe Boy Records and “Ted Lucas", Founder and President of Slip-n-Slide Records. 

Ken-Rock eventually moved back to New Jersey and began working on his current project "Rebirth of a Hustla". An old friend introduced him to Jim Feeney, a project manager for Zio Brothers Music Group known for working with 50-Cent, G-Unit, Rihanna, Fabolous and countless others. Impressed with Ken-Rock's talent, Jim called on a favor from two Grammy Award winning producers Alex Chigger p.k.a. "Don Cheegro" and Harry Zelnick p.k.a "Dirty Harry” to aid in bringing the "Rebirth of a Hustla" album to life. Ken-Rock has recently performed at Hot 97 and DJ Absolut “Annual Roc the Mic Showcase" and the Coast2Coast Mixtapes Live Industry Mixer at World Famous Venue Webster Hall. His performance have received great reviews from many celebrities who attended these events. Now signed under Wealth Nation Entertainment / Universal Music 

Group/Fontana Distribution, Ken-Rock's passion for music has created the perfect path for success. 

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