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GeniusCity™ – Communities of the Future

“Working with you to beat the banks at their own game” - that is one of the slogans of GeniusCity™ in their micro financing pursuits of making solar-powered living communities available for everyone, especially for those who are not eligible for a regular federal home loan.

GeniusCo-op™, a National Housing Cooperative, creates opportunities for real estate investments with their Luxury Lifestyle Solar Powered Lease to Own Communities. The GeniusCity™ project will be made possible by micro financing, with the organization attracting potential investors from all around the world and from all walks of life. Membership is granted by way of purchasing a $0.80 Cents-a-Day membership deal or an annual $299 membership fee.

The organization believes that if people with limited opportunities work together, their collaborated efforts could positively change how global real estate investments system works; or at least present a better way on how to operate things. With their membership and co-ownership program, they believe that there would be increased security, profit shares, and benefits for all. While traditional investment systems provide their members with only a fraction of profits, GeniusCo-op™ shares 50% of profits for all GeniusCo-op™ members, giving more control to the members in this manner.

Through micro financing, GeniusCo-op™ visualizes being able to provide a Utopian community to its members one where the community structures are “Act of God Resilient”, which means that their homes would be indestructible against gale force winds, earthquakes, fire, saltwater, debris, high-impact, etc. All these amazing feats would be made possible through their patent pending Geniusystem technology.

Also among the benefits members could get from GeniusCo-op™ Community Development micro financing projects would be 25 year 50% Net profit share of rental income, 50% profit share from sales through built in equity. GeniusCity™ Residences are also built at factory cost prices, which is at an estimated of $24,000 below market value. And since they would build earth-friendly, solar-powered communities, home owners have net-zero energy cost, which would save them more than $75,000 through a lifetime of home ownership. As a bonus, members also get to experience one week FREE vacation in the GeniusCity™ Community, redeemable over a 5-year period.

This seems almost like a dream come true, and perhaps it is. GeniusCo-op™ housing cooperative’s primary advantage lies in how it runs the whole systems, and that is through micro financing and factory direct prices. The funds of all its members are pooled so that buying power is leveraged thus lowering operational costs for all members in all its community developments, which are 100% protected and 100% Tax Free self-directed IRA investments since the system eliminates the need for middlemen management.

The GeniusCity™ Community Development Program offers people real estate investments and home ownership opportunities that would have been impossible for them to obtain otherwise. They are redefining the way home loans and investment works, giving “regular” people access to properties that are previously only achievable through large-scale institutional deals.  With their dedication to giving their members extensive benefits and controls, this might really be an opportunity too good, or perhaps too “genius” to miss?                                                           

For those who are interested to be a co-owner of this solar powered community being developed by GeniusCity™, just visit their website at www.geniuscityinternational.com to learn how you can become a part of this once in a lifetime investment opportunity.


Company: GeniusCity™

Address: 1110 Brickell Ave – Suite 430, Miami, Florida 33131, USA

Email: info@geniuscityinternational.com

Toll Free: 1-888-327-9113

Website: www.geniuscityinternational.com

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