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Radiating The Future

Radiator design is a hot topic at present. Popular interior design TV shows coupled with advances in technology have led to a more adventurous radiator marketplace, with HMS Plumbing customers concerned equally now about the aesthetic properties of their central heating system as much as its cost and effectiveness.

At HMS Plumbing, we like to keep on top of the latest progress in the radiation world. Radiators are important. Installing a basic radiator to heat your home is essential, and has been for many years now since man first realised how cold it got in the winter. And recently trends have begun to veer off from the traditional white-steeled panel to a more diverse range of styles.

For the moment, the white-steeled panel reigns supreme in the steamy radiator jungle. But the Allen key of time may is slowly bleeding the white-steeled panel of its absolute power.

Innovative use of raw materials, imagination and manufacturing advances means that HMS Plumbing customers have more choice than ever before when in the market for a radiator.

Some radiators don’t even function solely as radiators. They double up as chairs, mirrors, towel racks, cat beds, jungle gyms. Some radiator designs are arguably so artistically complex that, whereas they might efficiently heat up your living room, you won’t be able to hang so much as a wet pair of socks on it. Radiators of the future may not even look like radiators. They may more closely resemble giant fish skeletons and children may incorporate them in giant versions of electric steady-hand wire loop buzzer games.

This then begs the question of how to prevent nasty radiator burns. This comes through the emerging technology LST (Low Surface Temperature) which is found in both nurseries and care homes and can be touched by tiny or sensitive hands without causing permanent nerve damage. Which is always nice.

It’s unlikely you’ll see radiator design floating to the top of popular art college courses any time soon but the trend is only set to increase as glossy magazines give more and more intimate peeps into how celebrities are kitting out their homes.

Here at HMS Plumbing, we believe that in the future there will be a radiator for everyone, and a radiator for all occasions. The future, as they say, is looking radiant.

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