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How To Choose Baby Tricycle For Child

1.First you should Consider the age of the child you're shopping for. Most baby tricycles are designed for 1-3 years old. but now Lexus Trike offer a new style 4-IN-1 function baby tricycle suit 1-7 years old.

2.Think about whether you want to purchase a classic metal baby tricycle or a modern plastic one.

3.Look at some baby tricycles online or at a local store to get a feel for what appeals to you.

4.Notice that plastic baby tricycles come in a variety of styles. Fisher-Price makes a Barbie tricycle and Little Tikes makes a motorcycle tricycle. The metal baby tricycles come in a steady, strong and safety than Plastic one. Lexus Trike (Lexx Trike) makes 4-IN-1 function tricycle suit for 1-7 years old.

5.Pay attention to the size of the baby tricycle. Metal baby tricycles come with 10- or 12-inch wheels.The Lexus Trike (QAT-2012) is a good example.

6.Choose a baby tricycle the child can get on and off of easily, but one that won't be too small next year. If the child can get on a larger-size baby tricycle, it's usually wiser to buy it rather than a smaller one that will be quickly outgrown.

7.Recognize that some baby tricycles come with baskets or with storage under the seats. Decide if this feature appeals to you.

8.Consider how much you want to spend.Baby Tricycles range from $18 to $100.Lexus Trike (4-In-1 Function) can use for 1-7 years old child.

9.Realize that a tricycle such as the Lexus Trike by China Lexus (Lexx) Trike Factory (about $100) with a rear basket,mammy bag and removable parents handle makes it easier for parents to control direction and push the child.

10.Purchase a baby tricycle from the Shopping List: http://www.lexustrike.co or from an online toy store or local toy or bike retailer.


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