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TrueGether Site Launched As an E-Commerce Platform Based on Social and Professional Profiles

In an ingenious marriage of E-commerce and social networking a new online shopping platform by the name of TrueGether has just been launched by PixalSoft. The brainchild of Prashant Saraswat and Anup Modi, two highly skilled software entrepreneurs based in Long Island, New York, the site is poised to bring the fun back to online purchasing. “The whole premise behind the site is to build a network of trust between members who will buy and sell based on products as well as social and professional profiles imported from their social media accounts. ” said Anup Modi, Co-founder of PixalSoft.

Making the very best of what the online global marketplace has to offer simply stated; TrueGether is an online buying and selling platform for connected generations. Contemporaries will now be able to buy and sell items with assurance based on insight they’ve found on profiles that are imported from LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. TrueGether will show a member’s credentials through professional recommendations from LinkedIn as well as their social standing snapshot via the number of Facebook friends they have. These credentials, visible right on the member’s TrueGether profile page, give invaluable insight along with what recent transactions they’ve undertaken and new items just added to the site for purchase. Modi adds, “We are able to identify connections between people across networks who may be connected via people, types of work, education, location, transactions, interests or other dimensions. It builds good faith.”

As an added bonus TrueGether members can select items for purchase within their own physical neighborhood, by network affiliations or by international searches. Search results show whether a buyer and seller are connected and provide links to LinkedIn and Facebook profiles within the site for convenience as well. TrueGether doesn’t charge any fees at present. It is a free online selling platform.
TrueGether was Co-founded by Prashant Saraswat and Anup Modi. Saraswat worked in various roles at the FatWire Corporation from 2000 until 2011 when the company was acquired by Oracle in August 2011. Modi worked as Director of Software Development at Oracle and has contributed towards the success of large companies like News Corp, Barclay's Capital and Walmart.

About www.truegether.com

TrueGether is a global marketplace to buy and sell items with trust built on social and professional profiles. It is a free online selling platform.

For more information visit www.truegether.com. To connect on Facebook and LinkedIn visit https://www.facebook.com/TrueGether.PixalSoft and http://www.linkedin.com/company/pixalsoft/truegether-1073074/product.

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