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The British Invasion – Rachel O’Meara Talks About Life By The Los Angeles Sea Side

Los Angeles, California; 11/01/2013: We have been a witness to the history of invasions and cultural exchanges that has been taking place in different regions of the planet. Although this might seem to be ancient phenomena, many would be surprised to know that it is still prevalent today. Surprisingly it is much more than it was there ever before. With the world becoming a global village people are moving from one place to the other more frequently than they actually used to. 

Popular actress and producer Rachel O’Meara, speaks out about the large number of Brits who are moving from London to Los Angeles. According to her it is a part of the on-going British invasion. She believes the reason for this is the cultural changes which Brits are feeling and loving about the city of LA. On being asked how her life now differs to her London days, she responded saying “Well, no matter what your day’s been like, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, parking up by the beach, and walking in to your apartment with the sound of waves behind you, does soothe you somewhat! Except, of course, when last year we had a tsunami warning, and I knew our building would be the first to get a lashing ….. that wasn’t soothing at all!” 

She continued describing her stay and like for LA by quoting that “Santa Monica’s great, because unlike much of LA, you can walk to places, or cycle. You don’t have to get in the car just to go to Starbucks or get a pint of milk. The library, shops, cafes, evening classes, they’re all just a short walk or cycle away.” 

Rachel has been gaining popularity in LA as she recently featured in the jury of LA Polish Film Festival. She believes that the reason for such an attraction towards Los Angeles among people is due to the entertainment industry. According to her the increased number of Brits as a part of the industry as well as on the Australian television signifies the number of Brits being attracted to LA. 

About Rachel O’Meara 

URL: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1528245/ 

Rachel O’Meara is a popular celebrity who is known for her acting and production ventures. She is a part of the alumni of London’s Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA). Moreover she has been working as both an actress as well as a producer across numerous films. In her career spreading over 15 years she has also been a part of various television as well as theatre shows. Some of her exceptional performances were in “Suspension of Disbelief” which was directed by the Oscar nominee Mike Figgis, “When Nietzche Wept”, “War Inc.”, “The Experiment” and “Until Death.” In addition she has been a part of various indie and short films as well.

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