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Fiction was never this thrilling – Detective Marco: Minority’s Complication

New York; November 09, 2013: Murder mysteries are the most saleable reads after romance in the readers market. Agatha Christie creations have a huge market even now and the credit goes to the alluring, mystery that the writer weaves in the story. The story is the star in any given book. It should keep the reader on their toes; keep them guessing and suspect every character there is in the book. One such book is ‘Detective Marco: Minority's Complication’ written by AK Artorias which is available for download in kindle.

'Detective Marco: Minority's Complication' is a fictional suspense thriller, which comes into the genre of crime and detective stories. The story develops through one incident to another, which are interconnected and ultimately leads to a fantastic ending. The story starts with the cold-blooded murder of the celebrity figure Nathan which then triggers a series of events where the reader is bound to get entangled and wait with bated breath to know the truth

This amazing book is a crime thriller that readers will surely enjoy without getting distracted. Once the reader starts the book, they will find it very difficult to put it down. The book has many interesting characters and action, which shows the deftness on one hand and on the other hand the sharpness of the author. Detective Macro will surely be a unique experience for those who have always enjoyed reading thrillers.

A.K.Artorias is the pen-name of the author of this fabulous thriller. The author has been inspired by mysteries as the author is also a mysteries fiction lover. A K Artorias is someone who always wanted to author his own book and make a book that people will enjoy reading. With modern technological features the book is compliant for the e-book readers like iPhone, iPad, Kindle reader, Android tablets etc. It is a worthy e-book to be kept saved in the gadget for anytime reading.

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