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United States of America; 13/11/2013: The main cause behind the occurrence of hemorrhoids is inflammation of the anus or rectum because of too much strain in the area. Research shows that nearly fifty to seventy percent of the people living in the US develop hemorrhoids. HealPiles serves as a great resource for people suffering from the problem as they can get valuable information from this website. The hemorrhoids home treatment remedies mentioned can cause great relief to the pain and discomfort associated with piles. It is being suggested that people suffering from the problem should never ignore their urge to go to the toilet as it can lead to further complications. Apart from that, several other home remedies are also mentioned which includes application of vitamin E oil, application of Aloe-Vera gel and many more. The information provided really proves useful and advantageous for every person facing this acute problem. 

Even though, majority of hemorrhoids cases are not that serious, but the burning, irritation and itching in and around the rectum can cause huge amount of discomfort and even hamper daily activities. Hemorrhoids treatment over the counter is also available in large numbers which tends to reduce the discomfort and the pain. Witch Hazel is a preferred choice for most people when it comes to hemorrhoids as it shrinks the exposed tissues and blood vessels, temporarily soothes the itching and burning and promotes drying. HealPiles can be considered as the one stop resource for all the information related to the treatment, cure and prevention of hemorrhoids. Oral medications are also available for the patients including Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Acetaminophen. On top of that, people with such conditions are always advised by doctors to consume large amounts of fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals and grain breads. Fibre plays an essential part to keep the stool soft and helps with easy movement of the bowels. 

HealPiles is a huge repository of all the available information related to hemorrhoids where it is easy to get vital advice and suggestion regarding the condition. There are huge lists of articles which the patients can refer to so as to get some idea regarding the symptoms, causes and treatment of hemorrhoids. Before external hemorrhoids treatment can be performed on patient, the doctor conducts different types of tests like proctoscopy, colonoscopy, digital rectum exam, anoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are carried out to test external hemorrhoids presence. If the condition of the hemorrhoid seems to be severe then various types of procedures like Bipolar Coagulation, HAL, Injection, Rubber Banding, Photocoagulation, etc are available to relieve the patient from the discomfort. 

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