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Why “White Christmas” almost wasn’t a hit

In this “story song” Dave Sale of Ivory League tells us about his uncle, pianist Roger Stearns, who together with Cole Porter owned the 123 club in NYC back in the forty's. In the new single “Ivory Christmas” Sale tells us how Stearns convinced Irving Berlin that White Christmas was the hit from his show Holiday Inn. (Billboard article June 5th,1943) “Berlin thought people might not want to hear a guy in Hollywood complain that there is no snow” says Ivory. “Berlin apparently hated snow” 

“Cole and Roger may have had a relationship. There is an ashtray of my uncles that is inscribed by Cole 'To the lovely loins of Roger Stoins'. 

Ivory Christmas comes out off the heals of another seasonal offering by the band called “The Monster” , “I had this song lying around and a promoter liked it and thought it might do well at radio.” Sale Getting it to radio was another matter as we didn't even have CD's. So we pressed up a bunch 

“The Monster” wound up a bit of a hit with top 20 spins at WZEW in Mobile and several others. . “We were lucky to get anything at all since the CD for radio stations really didn't get in the right hands on time. But a commercial station in Mobile Alabama noticed the song online and requested a digital file so they could start playing “The Monster” immediately. Which they did giving enough spins to top the likes of McCartney, Cold play and Haim. 

“Its an odd thing really, I certainly have no intention of being a seasonal writer but I felt a little defensive when I heard someone say “oh that's just a Halloween song”. And then I remembered my great uncle and one of the biggest records of all time “White Christmas”. 

So I thought here then, let me tell you about a little Christmas song.” 

Sale has music on Atlantic under the name Camus. Songs on TV such as Baywatch. He is the producer and writer of critically acclaimed Katharine Whalen “Dirty Little Secret” which was featured in the Oxford American, and presented on the World Cafe. 

Ivory Christmas will be available DEC 2014 at all usual digital carriers. Pre orders available. 

For further info contact:
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