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Harvest Season Perfect Time To Hire Essential Italy Accommodation

Travel portal FT.com has recently considered the harvest season, that is to say, the months of September and October, as the perfect time to enjoy Sicily through the services of companies such as Essential Italy. 

According to an article published in FT.com’s ‘European Destinations’ section, the southern Italian region enjoys an uncommonly extended summer, and travellers booking accommodation such as the ones offered by Essential Italy in November will still be able to enjoy all the perks of summery weather without the throng of tourists that normally comes with it. The harvest season is, for Sicilians, still very much associated with dips in the sea and evenings out in the sun sipping coffee. 

There is, however, an extra incentive to book your Sicilian holidays in autumn: it is the wine production season. Companies such as Essential Italy afford their patrons plenty of chances for wine-tasting year round, and visiting in October or November could allow interested parties to sample and perhaps buy that year’s best vintages. The region’s olive oil is also worthy of note, as in the span of a decade or so Sicilian olive oil has rocketed to a leading position in the world’s global market for this product. Visiting during autumn will, once again, give tourists the opportunity to grab a few bottles to take home, the article explains. 

The article does not, however, limit itself to Sicily’s autumnal charms: year-round Sicilian attractions, such as its art, natural beauty and historic monuments, are all given due attention, with the author taking the time to describe and recommend several mandatory spots, both for day-time and night-time sightseeing. As with the wine-tasting, many companies in the mould of Essential Italy feature locations close to several of these landmarks, providing an excellent home base from which to explore the beautiful region. 

All in all, this piece provides many definite arguments in favour of choosing the autumn months for booking a Sicilian holiday with a company such as Essential Italy. 

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