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New Car Number Plate Rotator Introduced To Avoid Camera & Protect Identity

06, May 2015: Hiding number plate of a vehicle is now a lot easier with the most advanced Car Number Plate Rotator introduced by Stealth Plate Store. The new flipping licensed plate device has two different license plates and the original license plate can be rotated down to a 180 degree angle with a push of a button. The original number plate becomes “Out of Sight”, giving way to a duplicate number plate. This way, a car owner can easily hide the original license plate to protect his/her identity.

According to the company spokesperson, the license plate flipper has been designed for the US, European, Australian, Brazilian and Saudi Arabian automotive license plates. This remote operated device is an application to hide the license plate while crossing toll roads and red lights. There could be several instances when one would like to protect his/her identity by flipping the license plate and the device provides them with a simple and flexible choice to hide the car number plate.

For example, while participating in a car show, one would like to protect the identity and the flip license plate device could be used for the purpose. The spokesperson maintains that besides hiding the number plate, it could be used to keep the plate neat and clean and free from dust and dirt. The device has been designed with a curtain model that hides the cover frame of both the front and rear license plates. The device acts quickly to hide both front and rear license plates simultaneously to provide an ultimate protection to the car owners.

Stealth Plate Store specializes in a variety of license plate flippers that prove a practical solution for vehicle owners to protect their identity and drive their vehicles safely. All products feature a precise engineering and they develop long-lasting and high quality products. To learn more about the car plate flipping devices available with them and their salient features, one may visit the website http://www.fliptheplate.com.

About Stealth Plate Store:

Stealth license plate store sells the most advanced stealth license plates on the market. Their flipping licensed plate device allows two license plates, and with just a flip of a switch, one can flip the original plate down to a 180 degree angle “Out of Sight”. It functions with just an easy push of a button on the remote control of the curtain model license plate hide cover frame, and the front and rear license plate become covered and invisible. The products are designed for European, Russian, US, Australia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia automotive license plates.

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