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How to Get a Quick Conventional Loan Approval

Los Angeles, CA; 07, May 2015: Conventional loans are mortgage loans that meet the lending requirements and guidelines set by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Conventional loans normally come with better interest rates and have lower fees than other types of loans. However, conventional loans require the borrower to have good credit, documented income and adequate amounts for monthly debt payments, as well as 5-20 percent saved for a down payment. QkMortgage will make it possible for quick loan approval by connecting borrowers to a reputable and reliable loan approval servicer.

Conventional Loan

Modern conventional loan program are constantly changing. And because of such changes, QkMortgage will connect borrowers to an experienced mortgage agent that help borrowers process the loan application and secure a conventional loan within minutes. We know time is precious, so we move quickly to help borrowers get the loan they want. QkMortgage is dedicated to help mortgage loan borrowers get the quickest loan approval. Their goal is to help consumers make the best choice possible, free of charge.

QkMortgage is staffed with experienced and highly dedicated professionals with access to the best available technology to deliver efficient and fast mortgage services. This is why clients love them, and continue to use their professional services for their conventional loan sourcing. They simplify the process of qualifying for mortgage loans, and during the first call or meeting; an experienced representative will evaluate borrower’s case for eligibility of the loan. They provide borrowers step-by-step guide to securing a quick conventional loan.

Benefits of a Conventional Loan

Conventional loans are normally beneficial to borrowers with premium credit ratings with enough funds to make down payments between 5-20%. Many conventional loans do not require mortgage insurance with a sufficient down payment, whereas FHA loans require mortgage insurance premiums.

Conventional loans do not require the owner to occupy the property. There are also different down payment programs available that borrows can use to reduce monthly payments; which is the main difference between conventional and FHA loans.

With the help of QkMortgage, qualifying for conventional loans will be more efficient and simple and borrowers can expect a quick loan approval. When borrowers call QkMortgage, their top priority goal is to help borrowers secure the right loan, and they only connect borrowers to the best resource available for a loan.

Conventional Loan Down Payment Requirements

Conventional loans normally require the borrower to have good credit ratings and a down payment of between 5 and 20 percent of the property price. For refinancing with conventional loans, lenders typically require 10 percent equity in the property.

What Property Types Are Eligible for the Loan?

Conventional loan programs normally allow for the purchase of residential homes, condos, and multi-family 2-4 unit residential developments. Conventional loans can also be used for primary residence re-financing, non-owner occupied investment properties and secondary homes.

Loan agents at Qkmortgage are dedicated to expediting and simplifying conventional loan applications for fast loan approvals and the right loans for a new home.

For more detail about their service, visit http://QKmortgage.com or call 818-987-2760.

About QK Mortgage:

QK Mortgage specializes is a company that specialize in home loan. Their goal is to help borrowers get the best mortgage loan as fast as possible. For that reason, QKMortgage.com makes it easy and fast to qualify for the right loan and to decide what makes the most sense for borrowers. Whether they are looking to buy a home, refinance an existing mortgage, or trying to get a home equity loan, reverse mortgages, or other related home loan service Qk Mortgage can do it. Qk Mortgage teams are open to help borrowers understand the risks and benefits of mortgage loans, and willing to guide borrowers to make the best financial decisions for them and their family.

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