United Kingdom; 27, March 2015: Acupuncture is a proven system of complementary medicine recognized throughout the world. The benefits of acupuncture therapies are aimed at providing good health with a balanced state of body, mind and spirit apart from absence of pain and diseases. Acumedicare specializes in offering acupuncture treatments and therapies to support the patients during pregnancy. It strives to provide the most advanced pregnancy pre and post natal care based upon authentic acupuncture which suits the need of the mother. 

The acupuncture pregnancy treatments are regularly reviewed based on the stages, symptoms and constitution. This can be helpful in various problems which are associated such as vomiting, nausea, stress, pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Following delivery, the treatment procedure is can be helpful in case of insufficient lactation, scar tissue repair, postnatal depression, and wound healing. The practitioner, Gordana Petrovic, uses acupuncture and nutrition by the TCM principles to help the patients in achieving greater health. 

Health plans are designed for the patients to support them in their fertility journey through the natural conception or the IVF. Acupuncture is a technique with a sound track record and the needles used are sterile, disposable and single-use. The treatment responses may include minor bruising occasionally, mild dizziness and tiredness. However, these reactions are on short term basis. To fight infertility or any other condition, frequency and treatment length is dependent upon the condition of the patient. 

Gordana Petrovic, a nutrition London acupuncture expert does a full round assessment and treatments personalized to the needs of patients. She has clinics located in West London, Marylebone and London South Bank. The IVF London acupuncture help provider provides 15 minutes of free initial consultation. It can be done on the phone or through skype based on a mutually agreed time to get the answers about the treatment. The acceptable forms of payment are cash, cheque and PayPal for further treatments.

During the initial treatment stage, the patients are questioned about recent symptoms, kind of treatment received, medical history, etc. Emotional state, diet, sleeping patterns and digestive system questions are also asked. The acupuncturist may check pulses of wrists, tongue, and other parts of the body if required. A patient should reveal about the medication he or she is receiving as it may influence the approach of acupuncture treatment. The needles used are finer compared to the ones used in blood tests and injections. As soon as the needle is inserted, it may give away a tingling and dull ache sensation. 

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Acumedicare has qualified and experienced acupuncturist providing acupuncture therapies for dealing with infertility and nutrition issues. The treatments can be personalized to the need and condition of patients with a complete treatment package. Visit the website for more information on the kind of treatments and therapies offered.