30, August 2016: Airwheel electric mobility scooters have served as an efficient solution to daily commuters. In particular, Airwheel have implemented thoroughly the practical usage in the golf course. As long as customers can ride Airwheel, they can handle it without effort.

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Airwheel produces green travelling vehicles, varying from intelligent scooters, and electric skateboard to electric bikes. Daily commuters can cover the distance between home and company with the vehicle. They can save much labor and time. Riding enthusiasts can store Airwheel intelligent power hoverboard in the car trunk and take it out for a leisure riding. This also inspires some specific industry to use it aiming to improve work efficiency and applying in golf course is an exemplar.


With the life quality of people gets better and better these days, people are not only satisfied in common sports. Many people love to play golf in the spare time. How can golf lovers and caddies save energy and improve efficiency in the large golf course? Airwheel electric mobility scooter may be the new useful transport in the golf course. First of all, riding Airwheel in golf course can save energy. Caddies only have to stand on the scooter and control the scooter by changing their center of gravity. Caddies will feel more comfortable than walk on foot. And it also improves the efficiency of caddies’ job. Kill two birds with one stone. Airwheelintelligent electric scooter is a useful helper for caddies.


Secondly, golf course has to be quiet while players are playing golf. Because even a small noise may distracts the players and affect their appearance. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is noiseless as the build-in motor of it is maglev motor, which is extra quiet. People don’t have to worry that riding Airwheelintelligent electric scooter on the golf course will make noise.


Last but not least, Airwheel will not hurt the grass of the golf course. As most of the scooter of Airwheel is light in weight. It won’t do harm to the grass of golf course. More importantly, riding Airwheel lightweight electric scooter can be eye-catching and attract more visitors to come again.

In a word, Airwheel electric scooter is a satisfactory transport means in golf course.

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