United States of America; 13, May 2015: Often people need to monitor or remain connected online or reply messages instantly while busy with some activity. It is quite difficult to hold the smartphone with one hand and accomplish other tasks smoothly in some cases. There is always a fear of dropping the device unintentionally and damaging it. However, the problem is being solved with arrival of sporty armband for iPhone 6. It delivers both protection and functionality with its unique design which has multiple utilities. This armband is very easy to use while pursuing daily activities such as exercise. 

iPhone 6 sporty armband

The sporty armband from the MarlJohns brand is well designed to suit the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models. Users can simply slide the phone into the top whenever it’s ready to use and just slide out when finished. Thus, it protects the device from scratches and getting damaged out of accidental droppings. However, the users are not prevented from certain essential tasks. This armband comes with headphone and charging slots for the users to access all kinds of specs with ease. 

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models have become very popular among smartphone users. It has also become easier for them to take care of their expensive possession with iPhone 6 sporty armband. The 4.7 inches screen is well guarded with this armband without exposing it to outer atmosphere. This armband offers the user with full touch screen control through the protective window cover. It is made up of high quality construction material offering a durable protective layer and is washable. 

MarlJohns Sports Armband can be used vigorously while engaged in sports, leisure and workout activities .It is fully designed for a convenient user experience irrespective of whether they are running, jumping, lifting or even flexing. This light weight armband is a comfort fit for both the arms and the device. The armband should be treated in a same way as one would do with a phone case. It should not be placed in washer or dryer for it may lead to negative outcomes. Manufactured with neoprene nylon, it provides the user with ultimate comfort and agility while training. 

Sweat, dust and dirt accumulation tends to damage the appearance of a smartphone if it isn’t covered appropriately. The sports armband from MarlJohns is comfortably fit on the arm and won’t bounce off while running. It acts as an adjustable cover which is safe and secure to get the device in and out. This product is available in Amazon for the interested iPhone 6 users. 

About iPhone 6 sporty armband: 


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus sporty armband is a flexible sized product suitable to carry the device outdoors. It ensures durable protection while the user pursues other activities. This washable armband comes with both headphone and charging slots for the user. Visit the provided link for more information on the mentioned product.