26, June 2013: Barker and Barker, a UK-based manufacturer of dog treats for 35 years, introduces their 100% natural treats, meal toppers, and dog supplements to give pet owners a healthier choice for their beloved companions. 

Exclusively sourced from Canada, the UK, Scandinavia and Europe, the company ensures highly controlled processes in their Dorset factory, from raw material sourcing to packaging, and formulations guided by maximum nutritional requirements. All ingredients used in Barker and Barker’s products are of the highest standards that will pass even human food production standards. 

To prevent damages and disintegration of nutrients, a well-developed compression is used in the production of these products. This process guarantees nutrient-packed treats for dogs that will not easily break even with the use of bare human hands. 

No matter the breed, Barker and Barker surely has a treat that dogs will love, all filled with high contents of protein yet low on sodium and fat. The best dog treats to choose from include liver, chicken, veggie treat, arctic fish, and herbs and fruits. And because all of these are guaranteed natural dog treats, no artificial flavorings, coloring agents, sweeteners and preservatives are added. These treats are specifically processed for active training dogs. 

The Business of Dog Treats 

Barker and Barker first entered the business in 1976 by making dog treats UK. Since then, they have expanded their line of products not only to natural treats but to include nutritional supplementations as well. With the help of dog trainers and animal behaviorists, the company has developed products that do not merely supply the needed dietary requirements of dogs but also maximize their real potential of being trained and getting the extra nutrition boost. 

Barker and Barker’s supplements for dogs meet nutritional requirements of dogs while at the same time helping them recover and heal from various diseases as well. 

With decades of experience, Barker and Barker continues to prove that they are everything every dog needs. 

About us: 

Barker and Barker has been manufacturing it's own natural and low fat products for dogs since 1976, when they were first used at Crufts. The company was originally created in the belief that there was a real gap in the market for truly healthy products for all dog breeds - products that follow the needs of a dogs 'natural' diet. 

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