Despite the fact that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market today is far from $ 800 billion as it was in January 2018, the current period of development of blockchain technology is much more progressive. The Blockchain technology and its application are growing better and robust. The cryptocurrency is not a fad and its market has cleared of non-viable projects and speculators. There are at least 10,000 popular websites are accepting Bitcoin now.

We can say that bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general are heading for a competition with international financial system and providing better service for remittances.

As the blockchain application and users are growing, it demands higher rate of fee on the network. The growing number of users are also asking for a robust and scalable network. A blockchain solution should affordable with zero fee transaction. The blockchain has also to be   instant and decentralized.

The international community EtherZero realized about these problems so we came up with the solution to make a blockchain network under zero fee transaction requirement, scalable, robust and decentralized. EtherZero contains the best benefits of ETH (Ethereum) and Dash. Protocol MPOS – Masternode Proof of Stake allows EtherZero network conduct 1400+ transactions per second and the transactions for users are free.

Masternode As An Alternative To Mining

EtherZero is a blockchain for everyone. EtherZero offers everyone to earn profit and reinforce  the network together by proposing Masternode as an alternative to mining.

The owners of the masternodes in the ETZ network ensure its stable operation and receive a daily reward by having a server, or rent a virtual server and have on the balance of your wallet 20 000 ETZ. Rate ETZ today is of about 0.12 USD and the average daily reward of one Masternode is of about 30 ETZ (equal to 3.6 USD per day under current rate).

Thus, the estimation of having 10 masternodes can collectively provide a daily income of more than 100 USD at the current rate, it is a net-earning without the cost of equipment, electricity and other rental-cost if any.

The More Dapps Are There –The More Stable System Is

Decentralized applications for the EtherZero network are written in the most popular in the blockchain world – Solidity programming language. EtherZero core team directs its efforts to popularize the network and attract more Dapps developers for writing software products. The EtherZero network will be the most suitable for those decentralized services where speed of response is required, for example, for games, payment systems, verification systems and others.

We do not say that EtherZero will become more popular and more convenient than Ethereum, although today EtherZero technically surpasses it in everything. The task of EtherZero is to provide developers of decentralized applications with a convenient and independent tool regulated exclusively by the community. EtherZero is ready to evolve and change with its community and generously share the fruits of success with everyone especially with the owners of the Masternode.

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