Hair stylists can now make their hair wigs with closure by referring the tips from Black Show Hair.

28 April 2019, China: Reputed virgin hair supplier, Black Show Hair has recently presented an elaborate post for DIY hairstylists on how to make a wig with closure. This step-by-step guide makes it quite easy if one has experience of wig-making.

“We often find hair stylists using glue or sometimes making wigs with semi-lace closure or full-lace closure too. In a bid to help you create more fantastic and professional-looking wig with closure, we have come up with a tutorial post on the same,” says, the CEO of Black Show Hair.

The site has detailed the materials needed and how each plays a vital role in creating the wig. The post then proceeds with a step by step approach to making a wig. It starts with the process of bleaching the knots and to ensure the closure that looks like the natural hairline. This will be vital, and it works if the wig has lace in its closure. On placing the black weave cap on top of the mannequin head, the hair stylists will need to proceed with the sewing of the wig. The stylist has to check the post for details on how to sew hair bundles and the procedures of stitching one must follow.

The last step is to make the customization of the wigs to get the desired length of hair and hairstyles. This will finish off the wig in a professional way and give it a right look.

About the Company: The Black Show Hair is a China-based wholesale virgin hair supplier. The company offers Indian hair, curly and straight hair bundles, lace wigs, and mink lashes to the hair stylists and vendors alike.

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