UK; 05, October 2017: A new site is working to ensure that customers in the UK have the best chance to find the greatest products for the best value for money. Three Wise Pigs uses multiple online sources as well as other clever strategies to ensure they have all the information that customers need before they buy a product. 

The website uses data on a wide range of variables including prices, reviews and popularity. Gathering this data from different sources allows the website to provide accurate, up to date information on the entire market space. 

Using special algorithms developed by the team, a database has been established and populated that allows customers to choose and peruse a selection of the best products available. The products include everything from automotive to home & garden, and literally everything else. Since ‘everything else’ is one of the categories of the products on the site, customers can take comfort in knowing they will be able to find exactly what they are looking for here. 

The website is based around the three pigs that the brand name is built on. There is Ralph, rater of reviews. This pig searches the sites for various reviews of different products, ensuring that the products with the best reviews are listed. Working alongside him, there’s Victor. This pig searches and points out to users the products offering the greatest value for money. Finally, there is Pip who is keen to point users to the products that are most popular with the customers. Of course, this information creates the triangle of data that is essential for buyers keen to make the right choices on the products they purchase online. 

Users online actually searches for this information themselves, usually individually. However, with this resource, they can find all the information they need in one place that is completely user-friendly. The site presents a fun, simple and effective way for customers to find the right product, no matter what their buying preferences. They can find a product based on popular customer opinion, price, reviews or a mixture of all three variables. 

The founder of hopes to give customers a fantastic way to find the right products. Whether people are looking for something for personal use or perhaps presents during the festive season, Three Wise Pigs has been set up as the ideal resource for customers who want all the information they need when choosing a purchase at their fingertips. 

With an easy to user interface, the site regularly lists the top searches on the home page. This gives new customers a great opportunity to find out what other people have been searching for and perhaps make the same choice when purchasing. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the company can visit their site. Alternatively, the business can be contacted directly with the details below. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Phil Green
Company: Three Wise Pigs
Address: 15 Foster Avenue,
Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AE UK
Phone: 01335 210 312
Email: [email protected]