Carter Sinclair Org together with La Quinta culinary and nutritionist enthusiasts provides fresh ideas and tips to spice up your meals without getting in the way of your diabetes management. They will tackle an array of new recipes and smart ideas, from uncommon seasonings to innovative techniques, which will inspire you to get out of that food rut to explore new culinary delights.

Make over tried and true recipes with new seasonings. Mariza Butt, RD, CDE, suggests trying original spices and inventing combinations to go with the cuisines you enjoy. She says that even the simplest flavor-boosters will help you differentiate daily menu. An easy change in taste – and you've changed the same healthy meal in numerous ways.

Attempt a diverse method! Where you can grill, bake, braise, boil, poach, sauté, and even microwave – each of these cooking methods will give you a distinctively different flavor. CarterSinclair Org together with the volunteers offers recipes and nutritional information about delicious foods good for everyone.

New recipes and smart ideas from Carter Sinclair Org also provide information on the following:
Fighting diabetes to inspire communities and get involved
La Quinta School officials working together to keep students with diabetes safe at school
Coming Soon - The CarterSinclair Org Guide to Diabetes Daily Management Solutions

Carter Sinclair Org offering the information on diabetes treatment to provide inspiration and support to people with diabetes.

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