China; 16, March 2015: A wide range of modern audio equipments come into use these days. People use them for different purposes like recording, live music, concerts and others. China hi-fi audio is a one stop solution for all the audio musical equipment needs. It features products like amplifier, CD player, cables, valve preamp, and many more. All of these sound equipment products are available from prominent brands such as yaqin, music angel, bewitch, shengya, qinpu, meixing mingda, Opera and others. People can read the positive feedback or reviews written by customers of the company prior to making a purchase.

The Qinpu range of products suits the varied requirements of customers. There are integrated amplifiers with headphone amp, FM radio desktop audio, table top speaker piano, loudspeaker pairs, and similar latest range of products. These products are fitted with modern technology to ensure maximum utility for purchasers. Mini amplifier with card reader, portable speakers for notebook, wooden table top speakers, and many other similar categories of products are available at reasonable prices. Speaker pairs come in colours like red, green, black, wooden and silver to choose from.

Qinpu A-6000 is a tube integrated amplifier with headphone amp providing the users with quality audio output. Despite the small size, this unique piece of tube transistor amplifier performs well irrespective of placed in living room or bedroom. The iPod and MP3 input produces adequate power to push the large speakers with harmonic and articulate musical sounds. Entire package of the products features full set tubes, amplifier, operating instructions manual and standards 1.5m power chord.

The brand new Yaqin MS-23B model is a stereo vacuum tube phono stage turntable moving magnet amplifier. It comes packed into a strong box with one year of warranty. The equipment has a nice timbre and uses cathode feedback equalizer circuit meeting with the RIAA. Using the vacuum tube 12AX7, its tube filament powers DC to minimize the noise. Amplifier is designed with the exported special Philips capacitor, famous factory made audio filter capacitor and high accuracy metallic resistance. Output transformer utilizes high strength free oxygen copper enamelled wire.

Buyers can find all the hi-fi brands audio equipment from the online store. Instead of searching randomly, customers are welcome to save time, money and effort. Those interested in making queries about shipping cost can enter their details like country and address before making payments. All of the shipment comes with a unique tracking number. China hi-fi audio offers products to wholesalers and original equipment manufacturer information on request.

About China hi-fi audio:

China hi-fi audio specializes in selling high quality audio equipments across different categories and brands. Products of the company are shipped to major international destinations based on customer demands. The online shop was started off in 2009 and continues to cater to local, national and global demands. Visit the website for more information on products offered.

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