Guangzhou, China, 02, May 2015: China-hifi-Audio specializes in a variety of tube amplifiers, offering people an option to enjoy great quality audio or music. They keep introducing new products through their online shop, allowing music lovers to enhance the voice quality. One can rest assured of finding great audio amplifying products at great prices. 

Among the recently added products, the yaqin tube amp can appeal to any music lover. Available at a cost-saving price, this tube amp can easily be connected with the digital sound source, such as a computer system, DVD or CD player etc to enhance the sound quality. The 110V and 230V versions are currently available in the stock for anyone to enjoy a sweet and adorable sound. It helps to make the bass clean, clear and strong. Besides cheap prices, one will also get a free gift of a tube 6H1n x1 for purchasing the product. 

Customers can also check the latest music angel amplifier added on the China-hifi-Audio online shop. This tube amplifier is remarkable for producing nice and powerful sound. The brand new 2015 tube amplifier uses classics parallel single end-line and high pressure delays to supply power. With a Teflon Silver Line and Hitachi oxygen-free copper wire, the product achieves its durability and ensures a long-lasting performance. With quality components, including coupling capacitor and ALPS Potentiometer, the angel amplifier offers quality output for all music lovers. 

China-hifi-Audio is committed to offer the best music listening experience to the modern population. The newly included meixing mingda is bringing new customers to the online shop, for quality results and great prices. This is the latest product from the Meixing Factory, which is a pure Class A amplifier with MC-211 power amplifier. The product has been elaborately designed with an added choke in the amplifier circuit to produce quality sound. 

All these products are brand new and are available at great prices. China-hifi-Audio online shop offers a great online shopping experience and delivers products all across the world in a timely manner. To check the products available with them and their features and pricings, one can visit the website 

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China-hifi-Audio is a tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of products, including hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, valve preamp, power amp or speakers, etc. China-hifi-Audio is the best choice for buying products from well-known brands at affordable prices. 

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