02, May 2015: Citizen Ticket is going to launch its new mobile app on May 1, 2015. It is an easy to use mobile and web application for reporting driver behaviour. The mobile app is free for May and the web app is always free and ‘live’ on the company website.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson from the company stated, “We are excited to announce the launch of our new mobile app. Citizen Ticket is intended for all road users. With this app, anyone can report aggressive and unsafe driver behaviour which will help reduce collisions and save lives.” He further added, “There is no need to be driving to observe reportable driver behaviour, it could be while walking, cycling or in a parking lot.”

Citizen Ticket is created with the objective of reducing road user fatalities and serious injuries occurring on Canadian roads and around the world. Citizen Ticket has different categories of unsafe driver behaviour including aggressive, bullying aka tailgating, distracted, uncontrolled and inconsiderate driving. Users can report safe driver behaviour in the safe, smart driving, skilled and considerate categories.

The app leverages an exclusive scoring system called PlateScore. Users record the vehicle’s licence plate number when using the app to report driver behaviour. When submitted, the driver reported receives an email and his, or her PlateScore goes up or down accordingly. People using the app can earn monetary rewards by completing Pollfish surveys, and know that they are promoting safe driving and helping to save lives.

The DriveSmart Monitoring Programs by Citizen Ticket will use PlateShare Technology to offer fleet managers, parents and business owners the capability to store multiple PlateScores, drivers and licence plates.

When asked, Levon Forster, Blogmaster from Citizen Ticket said, “I’m really excited about the fact that this app can actually save lives. It won’t change things overnight, but it will change things. And I love that we have Pollfish on the app so our customers can be rewarded for engaging in road safety.”

About Citizen Ticket:

Citizen Ticket Inc. is a family owned Canadian company based in Ontario that offers top quality, smart, and collaborative applications with a positive message. The company is ready with its new app Citizen Ticket created to reduce road user fatalities and serious injuries.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Devon Ambrose
Address: Burlington, Ontario
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://citizenticket.ca/