Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 10, 2009 – Corporate executive, Sheri Hess, has stepped down from her position as Vice President of a company in the healthcare technology consulting industry. Her corporate career has spanned several decades, the last ten of which were in medical software and Healthcare IT consulting primarily the EMR niche. Her efforts were instrumental in helping to grow a relatively small local business into a thriving multi-million-dollar national company. Armed with an MIS degree and Business Minor, it was Hess’s keen sales acumen that helped garner contracts with some of the largest and most prestigious healthcare organizations in the nation.

In spite of this apparent success in her career, and in spite of the fact that her position allowed her world-wide travel and contact with some of the industry’s movers and shakers, she became disenchanted with always helping to “make others wealthy,” as she put it.

“I became aware that one can never be truly wealthy simply by working for someone else!” states Hess. That awareness prompted her to begin a search for a way in which she could be more in control of her life; and a way in which there was no ceiling on her income.

That search led her down a number of different avenues such as franchises, product lines, and MLM companies, to name a few, none of which appeared to be able to match and then exceed her present income.

Her concentrated search kept coming back to Internet marketing and all of the opportunities she discovered in that industry. But the key was when she found a company that allowed her to help “make others wealthy” in the best sense of the term. And that’s why she chose Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International as the vehicles to meet those goals.

“With my background in sales and consulting, I realized that if I found the right vehicle – the right business model – not only could I catapult my own earning potential, but I could guide others to be able to do the same thing,” Hess explained. “I see this as a real win-win situation.”

Hess commented that because of the upheaval in the world and national economies, many people are out there looking for answers. “Many families,” she said, “are desperately looking for the same things I was looking for. Since I’ve found it, I want to help others to find it as well.”

In that respect, Hess has no qualms about “making others wealthy.” And in fact, is more than eager to do so. She is a strong adherent to the concepts of the Law of Attraction, in that you “put out what you want to receive back.”

This in a nutshell describes the kind of Internet Marketer Hess is – one who majors in investing in the lives of others, as opposed to one who is always taking. And in the highly competitive arena of online business opportunities, that quality is rare. Just as she feels the “helping one another” concepts of Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International are rare.

“I have always had the dream to be an Entrepreneur,” Hess says. “I grew up surrounded by family members who were all successful entrepreneurs. And now by using the qualities of dedication, leadership, and inspiration, along with the great sales tools and in-depth training afforded by Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International, all of my goals are now achievable.”

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