07, May 2015: Creative Biomart, providing advanced Protein Expression and Purification Services, has launched its new website designed for a better user experience. The company offers support for functional assays, structural studies and high throughput screens via its advanced skills.

When contacted, a spokesperson from the company said, "Yes, we have launched our new website designed for an enhanced user experience. Now our visitors can check the products and place orders more easily. We provide the most professional and highly skilled four expression systems for manufacturing vaccine antigens, recombinant proteins, disease biomarkers and monoclonal antibodies. We also offer a wide range of native proteins. In order to show our gratitude towards new and regular customers, we released new coupon conditions which can be found on our website. If you check them out and want to find a way to save money, please claim the coupons for your purchases with us." He further added, "We are known as the preferred and leading provider of recombinant proteins and aim to continue to be in times to come."

Creative BioMart has been providing extensive knowledge and skills in the field of recombinant protein expression for years. The collection of expression technologies by the company provides a wide range of solutions for customers. Along with its skilled solutions, the company provides proprietary technologies, flexible scale-up protein fabrication and guaranteed protein expression and purification.

Creative BioMart helps for mammalian expression systems (CHO / HEK293), yeast expression systems (P pastoris / S cerevisiae), bacterial expression systems (E. coli / Bacillus) and Baculovirus-insect cell expression systems (SF9, SF21, S2, T.ni / HI-5). The company offers a huge collection of recombinant proteins and others products including crystallography, native proteins, lysates, GMP proteins, dialysis, enzymes and inhibitors, chromatography, protein reference standards, antigens, biosimilar cell lines, fluorescent proteins, molecular biological reagents and therapeutic proteins stable cell lines among others.

Creative Biomart always has discount offers and coupon codes to help customers find money saving deals. People can search and buy products from different categories on the website including cancer, cardiovascular, chromatin and nuclear signalling, cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, immunology, GPCR, microbiology, signal transduction, nuclear receptor and stem cells.The companyis also providing top quality protein analytical solutions for research and clinical procedures of native and recombinant proteins.

About Creative Biomart:

Creative Biomart is the global specialized contract research organization (CRO) that offers recombinant proteins, diagnostic enzymes, diagnostic antibodies and pharmaceutical enzymes to several research communities related with molecular diagnostics, biology, biopharmaceutical drug development and clinical research.

For Media Contact:
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Address: 45-16 Ramsey Road,
Shirley, NY 11967, USA
Phone: 1-631-559-9269
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