06, May 2015: A recent search through Google News reveals that many thieves are targeting homes with open garage doors and some are going after homes with closed garage doors. While this isn’t the most pleasant news, there are a few things homeowners can do to make their garage doors more secure. After all, one of the largest entries into a home is through the garage door. It’s in every homeowner's best interest to make sure it’s not their home’s calling card for burglary. That’s why Customer’s Choice Garage Door & Openers, Inc. has put together 3 tips to create a safe garage door.

No Garage Door Left Open
A garage door should never be left open unattended, but some people do it anyway. Saturday morning rolls around and it’s time to mow the lawn, so you take your mower out and leave your garage door wide open. You may even go inside when you’re done and forget to close it. If that scenario doesn’t sound familiar, maybe this one will. You want to warm your car up, so you turn it on in your garage and open the garage door open a crack. This is also a bad idea, because your garage door is wide open and revealing everything in your garage. After all, you don’t open your front door and just walk away. Closing your garage door when you’re not in your garage is a necessary precaution. If you need to warm your car up, you need to do it outside of your garage and make sure your car is locked. This tip doesn’t take a tremendous amount of effort and will keep your home safer. Now, If you’re forgetful and have a lot of yard work to dol, you don’t have to worry. You can have your garage door repairman install a device on in your garage that will close your garage door even if you don’t remember to.

We Will Lock You
You know what’s equally as important as keeping your garage door shut when it’s not in your line of sight? Making sure you have a good lock on it. Your garage door is an entrance to your home and should be treated the same way your front door is. There are different ways to protect your garage door, but some of them can be bypassed by clever thieves. That’s why a garage door deadbolt lock is the best choice for home protection. “The deadbolt locks in place into the track of your garage door. This means that it can’t be opened even if the emergency release latch is pulled by an enterprising burglar.”, said Donald Jett of Customer’s Choice Garage Door and Openers, Inc. These locks vary in price and are an investment into your safety. If you aren’t comfortable installing it yourself, you can always have a garage door technician do it for you.

Out of Sight
Do you think people who hide keys to their home on their porch are silly? Well, so are you if you keep your garage door opener in your car. If you forget to lock your car door or if your car gets broken into, then the keys to your castle are as good as gone.. Keep your clicker in your house or put it on your keychain. This is especially important if you don’t have a deadbolt attached to your garage door.

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