November 22, 2013: Success in Internet marketing inevitably relies upon attaining popularity of the website, all over the net-world. Unlike the consumers in real-life, online customers are to be kept in close touch to the best extent possible, day in and day out, lest they will easily slip out by loss of memory. Frequent communications without wide intervals can only bring forth the desired results. Press Releases hold a very important place in keeping the consumers abreast of the developments taking place in any business site, and keep the customer goodwill intact. The announcement made today by, the world-renowned Press Release writing and submission service, functioning online as makes a pointed reference to this fact. 

Statistics go to show as of date there are 147.9 million active domains or websites serving 34.3% of the world population accessing the Internet world. Generating web-traffic to all the above sites to a reasonable count is vital for survival, let alone flourishing with success. Keeping the consumer base intact can be possible, if only regular and meaningful communications are exchanged between the business enterprises and the customers at large. Press Releases published at top PR sites fill the gap amply, whereby a large cross-section of Internet population gets instant and updated information of the site concerned, well and squarely. 

Considering the enormous benefits brought forth by well-written, precise and informative Press Releases to the business community, by way of customer interaction, it goes without saying both writing a PR by expert hands and submitting the same to the conspicuous places where they can achieve best results are immensely important. PressExp with their credentials easily attained the top-spot on these two vital tasks, and remain so for years online. 

The announcement from PressExp is with the intention of appraising the online business community, website owners, web masters outsourcing SEO services and the general online population about their services and the latest developments that have taken place in their Press Release writing plans to suit every customer’s needs individually. 

The announcement takes pride that over the last several years, has been in the background of pushing into limelight numerous websites, big, medium and small by popularizing the sites by their involved PR writing and submission service. Writing a befitting PR with the most appropriate keywords for the online visitor to search and find them in the ocean of Internet to land into the particular site, as also selecting the well-suited and popular Press Release publishing platforms to reap maximum advantage, using their hands-on experience are the reasons that propelled PressExp as the premium PR Services site today. 

With a view to serve still better their esteemed clientele, PressExp is pleased to announce that radial changes have taken place in their website design for the purpose of a mind-pleasing environment and color themes, along with easy readability of web contents on a slide-show. In addition, PressExp has devised customized PR plans in accordance with the needs and requirements of individual customers, to expose their sites to the world’s leading PR platforms of today to get the maximum benefit. At the same time, the announcement wishes to assure their customers that their charges for either PR writing or PR submission have never changed a bit; and remain as low and Industry-best as before. 

PressExp invites all the interested customers to visit to see for themselves the details of customized PR plans and changed new look of their site. 

About PressExp: 

PressExp is powered by the world-famous Einfoway Consultancy Services, serving the online community since the year 2000. Providing end-to-end web solutions to websites is the main focus of Einfoway Consultancy Services with ISO accreditation, of which PressExp looks after the tasks of Press Release Writing and Submission, to popularize the web presence of sites seeking their help worldwide for brand building, link building and buzz creation. 

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