A Unicorn in the cryptocurrency world is a startup that has successfully captured over $1 Billion USD of market capital before conducting an Initial Public Offering (IPO). With many new ambitious projects coming to limelight each day, only a handful manage to put their footholds deep down in the markets. Of the successful ventures, only one or two are fortunate enough to gain the confidence of the community to such an extent that they reach the status of a unicorn. To put things into perspective, there are reportedly about only 11 unicorns in the whole world which include giants like Ripple, Bitmain, Circle, Coinbase and Binance.

The latest to join the league of such successful names of the cryptocurrency industry is Decurian. Now, many of you would be thinking that what Decurian is, and why are we hearing of this cryptocurrency for the first time. That is a very valid concern, largely due to the fact that Decurian is only 3 months old. Perhaps, the most striking thing about the whole development around Decurian is this – Decurian is only 3 months old and yet has become a Unicorn already!

Decurian, is a cryptocurrency that aims to serve in the gaming industry, particularly on a website named megainstu.com. The purpose of the crypto-token is to provide the users a means to challenge each other on the gaming platform, and add to their gaming experience.

Decurian was initially offered for $5 USD a token in the ICO, which was completed in February 2020. However, what followed the launch of the ICO was a complete fairy-tale for Michael Chodorowski, the CEO and the development team. In fact, it would be an under-statement to say that Decurian took the market by storm, and disrupted the records of the crypto-world. The crypto-token is being valued by approved Asian indexes for an opening listing price of over $75 USD, which places the total market capital of Decurian well above $1.5 billion USD.

According to Michael Chodorowski, this figure was not even imagined in a wild thought by the team. He is completely baffled by what has struck his life in a matter of such a short time. He has been forced to speed up the development work, and what he planned to achieve through the technology in a period of 2-3 years, now has to launch the same product in a mere 4 months’ time. His life has turned upside-down for better, and as per him, he is finding it very over-whelming to have to deal with rather star-struck feelings. People now come out of nowhere, saying that they know him, asking for pictures with him. Media agencies are wanting to know more about the team behind Decurian and the community is eagerly interested in the story behind Decurian’s development.

If one realizes the intensity of the whole scenario, the amount of wealth that has been made in just 11 weeks is staggering. This puts Michael under a very different light – what does he plan to do with all this money? Michael responds to this in a very candid way. He says, “To tell you the truth, I am still just wearing hoodies and enjoying my life as I always have. I will not forget any of the people who have believed in me and stood by me, and the ones who have made me what I am today.” In a very undisclosed statement, he also recollected his loved ones as he mentioned, “That’s “My Girls, Mango and Poop”. They know who they are, and “Silver Fox” for all the support he has given and shown us. To “Flipper”, my right hand man who is always there to slow me down.” What he really wanted to stress upon was that all of this was completely unplanned, never had he thought of such a quick success that could potentially effect everything in his life. He was not even remotely prepared for this, and this journey from a common man to a CEO of a unicorn-company, is proving to be very enormous and uncontrollable for him and his team.

With the recent success of Decurian, and the fact that the technology is very young with an equally young team behind its development, it is excessively being eyed by technology giants. The markets are rumored with a recent news that Decurian is a potential target for Facebook, which can be true evaluating from the performance and the potential that Deucrian has showcased in such a short time. However, Michael dispelled this news by saying that the team was not officially approached by anyone from or related to Facebook. He never have had a discussion with anyone regarding Decurian’s sale, nor does he believe that his technology would be on Facebook’s radar. A very humble thought on his part, yet one that can bring in some big news tomorrow.

With everything happening at a wild pace for Decurian and Michael, a lot of stories will unfold regarding them in near future. Michael’s life is already changing for better, while he tries his best to take hold of the same old dear life. It’s a matter of time only, when Decurian will be officially launched on megainstu.com website in April that it could be the next crypto-token that everyone would be talking about.


Michael Chodorowski

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British Columbia, Canada


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