New York; 25, April 2015: Diabetes is a global epidemic that is ever increasing and taking thousands of people under its clutches every year. Of all the diabetes patients, 80%-90% of the people suffer from Type 2 diabetes as in most of the cases, the disease gets detected with the onset of Type 2 diabetes. 

Diabetic people need to take a few precautions as their blood sugar level alters with the intake of wrong diet, wrong lifestyle and certain medications. Therefore, they need immense care to control their blood glucose level. Diabetics are prone to fatal infections and many other diseases and, therefore, it is important for them to maintain their overall well-being by following the parameters of the diabetes diet. 

Diabetes came as a shock to Kenny Hanson, when he realized that his body was not performing in the required manner. As a civil engineer, he was expected to be active on the site throughout the day, but his job was getting more tiring for him, and his degrading health was not supporting him to manage the condition properly. It was only after a regular body checkup, he was diagnosed with the disease, and he preferred to do a considerable amount of research on diabetes and diabetes treatment to get over the distressed phase that plagued him after he was identified as a diabetic. 

His blog tells his story about his journey from a healthy individual to a diabetic and how he managed to cope with the stress for reviving back his old healthy days. His research on diabetes during his spare time helped him to explore a lot about the facts and myths about diabetes treatment and motivated him to share his experience with the people. 

He delved deep into the study and traversed with the diabetes diet. He wants to educate people through the medium of his website that a strict diet plan is imperative to the treatment of the condition so that the blood glucose level in the body do not get disrupted. 

As the condition is often linked to several other diseases, the need for treatment gets intense. Kenny is one of those influential individuals, who understands the worth of life and believes in the philosophy of "Health is Wealth". His zest for living a healthier and a longer life inspired him to serve the diabetic crowd by offering relevant information about the treatment of the condition. 

His love for life is well reflected in his quote "As my father always said, "choosing life to death is always a better alternative." Therefore, I can never let the debilitating effects of the disease make me feel helpless and depressed". 

About the Author: 

Kenny Handson, the author of the blog, was a construction professional. After retiring from his job, he started to write blogs for offering information to the people regarding diabetes treatment. He is an ecstatic man, and is serving the diabetic crowd to help them live with the disease in a healthy manner.