Reino Unido De Nueva Espana, Kingdom Of Camelot, Kingdom of Europe, Gov IUKAC Empire. Different Houses.

We are preparing one version for organizations & sponsors.

Our Currency Dukedom Grand Dollar. We have one first some security system.

For Now We Have 20 Dukedom Grand Dollar, 100 Dukedom Grand Dollar, 500 Dukedom Grand Dollar and One Version Special For Special Uses. The Dukedom Grand Dollar will use Gov IUKAC Empire Currency Banknotes. Enclave Nations Banknotes, And International Purpose For Use In Other Nations Where They Want Accept.

The Dukedom Grand Dollar For 2021 comes with a few detail changes in the currency. We have pending to create sovereign economic council. To help manage our currency Dukedom system. For now king Ludwig have the control. Our reserved federal have your website in the kingbook networks. We continue improving our GOV IUKAC stock market.

For now we are developing Denarios and Dukedom Grand Dollar. Price more high in this week is 1 Dukedom Grand Dollar = exchange 2.75 dollar USA. Denario price is 1 denario = exchange 2.51 dollar USA. The running simultaneous with the grand dollar. However the grand dollar is our goal for 2020. Denario we will change design for 2021. We will create some special currency anniversary.

Reserved Federal of Gov IUKAC Bank
King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo Stewart Tudor De La Vega