Each year we make a new design, until actual dukedom grand dollars. The currency is the only currency in the world have honor of king, king dukedom grand dollar, this is possible by decree of King Ludwig Falkenstein. First quote in the market is in 2014. In the GOV IUKAC stock market. In 2014 1 D.G.D. = 1.56 dollars USA. Actual market last

Week of December 2019, up until 1 D.G.D. = 3.15 dollars. We begin project for print our banknote with security system. The currency pertaining to the GOV IUKAC empire & union of the crown UK, this banknote is official to pay in our nation and employees and private and public obligation. The dukedom grand dollar and denario is include in the reserved federal of GOV IUKAC bank.

You can buy dukedom grand dollar, in our GOV IUKAC stock market, how shares, or can buy over the counter need contact with GOV IUKAC empire, can exchange by other currencies, can buy with bitcoin ethereum, gold exchange, or can exchange again bitcoin, ethereum, dollars, euros, our market is a exception in the international community, protect by sovereign of the emperor king Ludwig Falkesntein, we have 2 different project, market, regular currency banknote dukedom grand dollar, quote in GOV IUKACstock of the reserved federal of GOV IUKAC.

And we have a cryptocurrency dukedom grand dollar token, quote in waves platform, have same value, however is 2 project different. Can exchange bitcoin or etherum or can buy with bitcoin and other currency. We offer our dukedom grand dollar cryptocurrency, is accept in the market.

Also we have GOV IUKAC Empire, cryptocurrency token, quote in waves platform waves exchange. You can open wallet and get our cryptocurrency or our regular banknote, dukedom grand dollars. < H. R. H King dukedom grand dollars> the money is uses in our government to pay, how banknote or financial instruments. Or can accept our regular banknote to pay, or buy or exchange in the international market. Can adopt our banknote in your commercial business, or can buy in the GOV IUKAC stock market, all investor is welcome can contact us.


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