China; 06, October 2014: Plastic Injection molding is a process which is used in various kinds of products and OEM industries. The recent molding process utilizes the ram and screw-type plunger for forcing molten plastic material which molds cavity for shaping polymers in desired shapes. This is an effective method for manufacturing huge volumes of different kinds of products. The plastic molding parts feature the characteristics of being less priced and are comparatively much light in weight. Taking this technology ahead and catering to a global audience requiring plastic injected molding, Eco Molding Co. Limited offers its own processing services. 

The company specializes in different kinds of plastic molds which are used in automotive, electronics, home appliances as well as the usual OEM applications. The company has its own unit measuring 2000 sq. m. which is a workshop which is surrounded by convenient transportation systems. Presently the company employees around 100 employees and the unit is worth 8 million RMB. The capacity of the unit is of producing 40 to 50 sets every month. The company has been focused on offering professional, creative, and trustworthy products and become a global molding supplier. The company has been keeping a top level layout and has introduced various modernized management systems. It has its own team of R&D and supervisors who are dedicated to make innovation as well as application of new techniques a part of the company’s processing systems. 

They are presently among the known names of China Injection Mold processing units. The equipment which the company has imported from Switzerland and Taiwan. It is a set of 21 milling machines, 9 set of Charmilles, 4 set of CNC, 10 set of Grinding machines, 7 sets of wire cutting machines, video measurement systems, etc. With all these equipment the company is capable of injecting plastic parts having weight below 1500g. The capacity in total goes up to 450 tons for building different kinds of plastic molds with die casting measuring 8500x1000x8500mm. 

The services n offer by the company is available for companies from across the world. Their services and products can be viewed through their website. In order to know more about the required services and for injection mold price calculate, customers can get in touch with the representatives through the mentioned contact details on the website. 

About Eco molding Co. Limited:

Eco Molding Co. Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is involved in the process of plastic injection molding services. The company is based in China and caters to the needs of customers from across the world. In order to know more about the kind of services they have on offer, customers can check their website for more details. 

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