United Kingdom; 27, April 2015: More and more companies globally are using environmental friendly technologies. It has become essential to reduce carbon footprints to prevent the earth from extinction. Energy Savings UK specializes in offering cost effective technological solutions for clean energy. It has also partnered with companies like SunEdison to provide the customers with free solar to both commercial and residential properties. The company has already made several installations of energy saving technologies throughout UK.

Presently, primary heat transfer fluids which are used worldwide are water contained by either water or glycol. Energy Savings UK has introduced hydromx, a revolutionary heat transfer fluid with Nano-ThermoTM technology. It utilizes nano-particles for increasing the speed of heat transfer by heating up the fluid and energy transfer within a limited period of time. Irrespective of energy source and boiler efficiency, it improves system efficiency by effective transfer of energy. The unique design is built to in the preventing corrosion and calcification within the system which may lead to inefficiency.

The heat transfer fluid comes with a lifetime of up to 8 years. It ensures reduced carbon emissions, pH level from 8 to 8.5, recyclable, non-inflammable and much more. This technology is already proven in real world applications, university studies and boiler manufacturer tests. Thus, it jump starts the energy saving and carbon reduction process which helps in saving money. Considering green and CO2, it has been designed to be flexible with various system components. It includes those which are common place and used in millions of offices, hospitals, hotels, homes, and more.

This energy saving solution has an in-built heating system protection. However, it is produced in a way which makes it biodegradable, organic and non-hazardous. Several years of hard work was invested in achieving all the essential objectives related to the energy saving solution. For several decades chemist, researchers and scientists have worked on elevating heat transfer in fluids for various industries.

The performance reports of hydromx are available in the site for everyone to check out. Thus, it significantly lowers dependence on carbon based energy sources. It operates through a simplistic process unlike the usual complex science which operates at nanotechnology level. This technology has been insured by the largest insurance company of the world i.e. ACE. Anyone can order this technology by contacting through mail or phone. Efficiency of the system never deteriorates with the passage of time. It is a completely value for money heat transfer solution.

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Energy Savings UK has designed and produced hydromx which helps companies, government and other industry sector cut down on carbon footprints. It is proven to elevate comfort levels and save precious energy for years. It has also received approval in form of certifications and accreditations. Visit the website for more information on products and services offered.