eXcelKID launches its first operation in the Philippines to help over 30 million children across the 7,000 plus islands, improve on their educational skills in Math & Reading/Language Arts.

eXcelKID is an independent marketing company whose mission is to help each child reach his or her greatest potential by fostering academic and personal growth using leading-edge technology, education and financial resources to provide a better future for today’s younger generation.

eXcelKID recently formed an agreement with a U.S.-Based educational software company, Learning Through Sports, to be the exclusive distributor of Kid’s College to Individual Users in the Asia and Canada as well as in certain territories in the United States. Kid’s College is one of the most unique web-based software available to students that uses sports video games as a motivational tool to help students improve their Math and Reading/Language Arts skills.

According to eXcelKID Chairman, Mr. Richard Johnson, "we are excited to be one of the pioneers in bringing a US-Based educational technology over to Asia to help the children learn the skills much needed to excel in the 21st Century. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that no child is left behind. In order for us to reach out to the children of the Philippines at a faster pace effectively, we have to use a new approach combined with a multiple distribution channel to facilitate this program in the private and public sector."

Former NASA Engineer & eXcelKID Founder, Mr. Solomon Evangelista, believes that, "As a Filipino, we must have a paradigm shift in our approach in education to compete with other leading countries in the future. We must adapt to new technology. We must provide our children the opportunity like other children around the world. Most importantly, we must be able to get full support and cooperation from government, churches, media, private & public school system, businesses and parents in the Philippines to embrace in this new way of learning."

To enroll or try a free-demo, simply log-onto: www.excelkid.com