Favortron has a full line of cable ties in a wide variety of materials, colors, styles and size options to meet your specific application needs. They have developed a complete range of fastening cable management products for use in bundling applications that require easy installation and dismantling. In addition, nylon granule is directly imported from SOLUTIA INC to ensure the quality of plastic and cable ties.

Cable Tie, can be used for versatile purposes. They may be used for wires, cable wires, bicycles, machines, signs, boats, ports, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, criminals, electricity wires, toasters, price tags, large machines, computer motherboards or special industries, etc.

A cable tie is an adjustable strap for bundling together articles such as cables. Cable ties are also known as cable straps, cable clamps, cable clips, bundling ties, bundling straps, bundling clips, bundle ties, bundling belts, wire ties, ring clamps, adjustable clamps, harnessing devices, strap seals, binding straps, and ties.

A typical cable tie includes an elongated strap with an adjacent locking head at one end of the strap, a tip at the opposite end of the strap and ratchet teeth on one side of the strap. The locking head defines an opening for allowing the tip end of the strap to be pulled through the opening and thereby form a closed loop around a bundle of articles. The locking head typically further includes a pawl having teeth with surfaces for engaging the ratchet teeth to lock the strap in the locking head after the tip end of the strap has been pulled through said opening.

With continued global success and increasing demand for adherence to safety standards, cable tie manufacturers are trying to bring new solutions to major food, beverage companies and their processing facilities. In that case, new cable tie is designed for the food and beverage processing industries to meet safety standards to minimize the risk of contamination.

Cable Ties are available in a variety of materials ranging from polyamides (nylon) to fluoro polymers

Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon 6.6) - General Purpose, Heat Stabilized, UV Resistant

Polyamide 6.6 features light weight, high strength and a wide temperature range. Polyamide 6.6 is hygroscopic, and therefore, absorbs or releases moisture depending on its environment. Thus, the moisture level of the material will affect tensile strength, stiffness and elongation of the product. Polyamide 6.6 offers the increased flexibility, heat resistance and UV resistance of the high impact material with the added feature of greater resistance to vibration, heat and sunlight for mobile applications.

Heat stabilized Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon 6.6) is used in continuous or extended exposure to high temperatures (up to 250°F). A general-purpose nylon will have a reduction in physical properties and fatigue as a result of high temperatures. Nylon cable ties containing specially formulated heat stabilizers provide additional thermal endurance. Heat stabilized nylons are engineered for continuous exposure to temperatures above 185°F which meet UL standards for electrical applications.

Products Using This Material: Polyamide 6.6 cable Tie, Nylon cable Tie, Nylon 6.6 cable Tie, Cable Clamp, Cable Mount, Cable Clip, Black Nylon Cable Ties.

Polyamide 4.6

Polyamide 4.6, like polyamide 6.6, offers light weight and high strength benefits, but offers an even wider temperature range. This material can be used at a higher continuous operating temperature than polyamide 6.6 - heat stabilized. In addition to having excellent heat resistance, polyamide 4.6 has low creep effects and retention of stiffness at elevated temperatures.

Products Using This Material: Polyamide cable Tie, cable Tie, Cable Clamp, Cable Mount, Cable Clip

Polypropylene is used in environments where chemical effects on polyamide are a concern. It is not affected by inorganic acids (hydrochloric), polyhydric alcohols (ethylene glycol), neutral salts (sodium chloride) and basic salt (sodium bicarbonate). Polypropylene also resists a number of other chemicals with good results, although it has lower tensile strength than polyamide 6.6. Polypropylene has good UV resistance.

Keep cables and small tools organized and in good shape with our polypropylene cable ties, which are available in black for chemical resistance in outdoor applications that are unsuitable for nylon and that do not require high loop tensile strengths.

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Products Using This Material: Polypropylene cable Tie, Cable Tie.

Tefzel Fluoropolymer
Although about two-thirds the strength of polyamide 6.6, Tefzel is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, such as concentrated hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. It is also a low water absorbing material, therefore, is not adversely affected by water. Tefzel is radiation resistant up to 200 megarads and meets the fire and smoke requirements of IEEE 383. Tefzel also withstands high temperatures and ultraviolet light exposure. Tefzel cable ties are ideal for applications requiring resistance to environmental stresses such as chemical attack, gamma radiation, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures. Tefzel has a U.L. Flammability rating of UL94V-0. Tefzel ties have a distinctive aqua blue color.

Products Using This Material: Tefzel Fluoro polymer Cable Ties, Cable Tie.

Halar Fluoropolymer
Halar fluoropolymer cable ties meet NEC recommendations for bundling qualified cable without conduit in plenum spaces. Halar fluoropolymer cable ties have a low smoke density rating and excellent flammability rating (U.L. 94V-0).

Other industry applications include nuclear plants, chemical environments, telecommunications equipment, aerospace, and high & low temperature environments. Our high quality Halar cable ties have a distinctive maroon color.

Products Using This Material: Halar Fluoropolymer Cable Ties.

Polyacetal has excellent dielectric properties, UV and chemical resistance, and a UL94-HB flame rating. It has been tested for excellent weather ability against moisture, sunlight, and other environmental conditions.

Products Using This Material: Cable Clamp, Cable Mount, Cable Clip.

Polyetheretherketone – PEEK
This material is an excellent choice for high temperature environments. It also has excellent chemical resistance and is resistant to abrasion. PEEK material has a relatively high tensile strength and it has the ability to retain its tensile strength when continuously conditioned in water at elevated temperatures and pressures. High Temperature Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) PEEK Cable Ties, PEEK Cable Ties.

Products Using This Material: PEEK Cable Ties, cable Tie, Cable Clamp, Cable Mount, Cable Clip.

Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV)
TPV is a durable rubber material that is chemical and abrasion resistant and remains flexible at low temperatures.

Products Using This Material: Cable Clamp, Cable Mount, Cable Clip.

Polyethylene is a corrosion resistant material that has higher impact strength, and a higher operating temperature. It has excellent tensile strength, energy absorption, abrasion resistance and resistance to stress cracks.

Products Using This Material: Grip Tie, Nail Clip, Cable Wrap.

Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316

Grade 304 / Grade 316 is commonly used for stainless steel bundling applications and suits most general purpose requirements. It features the ability to withstand most environmental conditions, particularly in applications where vibration, general weathering, radiation and temperature extremes are a concern.

Products Using This Material: Stainless Steel Tie, Nail Clip, Stainless Steel Zip Ties.

Cable Tie Maker - Cable Ties RoHS, UL Certified
Favortron Cable Tie Advantages
ROHS, HALOGEN FREE – cable ties are tested with a test result

All cable ties are UL listed

No recycled or mixed nylon granule

Cable tie tensile strength: 4 KG – 125 KG

Long lasting cable tie quality

Favortron insists on producing pure white cable ties with high standards to ensure their cable tie quality is compatible.

Fastening solutions tailored to your fastening problems. Our Fastener Division offers many innovative products, whether you need custom-molded automotive cable ties, or an application specific fastening system for an appliance application, Favortron experts coordinate the design, production, and on-time delivery to your exact specifications.

FVC has the capability of molding different materials and is able to color match for Cable Ties and Wire Accessories. Please do not hesitate to contact for more information on these or any other materials. Once free smaples are required, they are delivered immediately.

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