06, May 2015: The new system makes celebrity dresses the best option for dropshippers and online resellers.

Dropshippers and online resellers are always on the lookout for products which can provide maximum profitability. For a long time, the popular choice has been electronics products. However, in recent times, a new product has emerged as a better option than electronics. This product is customized dresses.


There is no doubt that electronics are great in many respects. However, they have fundamental disadvantages which lessen their viability as a reseller product. The first is that most electronics products are non-customized. Many of them are fully branded which makes it easy for buyers to locate the original supplier. Since suppliers tend to offer lower prices, buyers prefer to purchase from them rather than resellers.

Celebrity Dresses

Secondly, electronics products are price - transparent. This means that buyers can easily compare prices online. As such, resellers cannot enjoy higher margins by raising prices. Doing so can drive potential buyers away. Finally, electronics products can be stocked by offline sellers and retailers. This reduces the overall market which is available for online resellers and dropshippers.

Customised dresses don't offer such disadvantages. First of all, they are unbranded and customized. Even dresses which have a similar design can be made with different materials. This makes each dress potentially unique. The lack of branding makes it almost impossible for buyers to locate their original supplier, let alone contact the supplier directly. As such, a reseller is always guaranteed to keep their clients.

Secondly, customized dresses aren't price transparent. They have no fixed prices since almost each one is unique. As such, it is impossible for buyers to compare prices. This means that resellers can enjoy higher margins by raising prices.

Finally, customized dresses cannot be stocked by offline sellers and retailers. This is because each dress is made on order. As such, online resellers do not face competition from offline sellers. This means that they can enjoy unrivalled access to the market.

The only challenge with custom dresses is selecting the ones with a wide enough market appeal. One company - Faya8 - has come up with a brilliant solution to this. The solution is to select what celebrities have selected. This is called follow-up selling.

Faya8.com has adopted the follow-up selling model in relation to celebrity dresses. Only a very few celebrity dresses (roughly 1 out of 1000 or less) have filed copyright. As such, FaYa8 has developed a mechanism ensure that no copyrights are violated. This mechanism includes making minor alterations such as zipper position and collar size to those dresses with copyrights.

From a reselling perspective, celebrity dresses are the ultimate reseller product. Since most people secretly wish to dress like celebrities, offering affordable imitations of celebrity dresses guarantees a ready market. Buyers are also willing to pay higher prices for them than ordinary dresses, and resellers can enjoy free marketing from the media coverage which debuts of celebrity dresses generate.

These attributes make celebrity dresses a more profitable alternative than electronics products.The only thing which resellers have to do is find a reputable supplier of celebrity dresses. This is where Faya8.com - a leading Tier 1 Distributor of celebrity dresses comes in. The company recently announced the unveiling of a new dropshipping system http://www.faya8.com/page.html?id=27

According to sources at Faya8.com, the company's goal is to provide resellers with top-quality celebrity dresses at affordable rates. As such, under its droppshipping system, the dresses will be supplied straight from factory. This will eliminate middle men and guarantee resellers higher margins.

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