Zhejiang Province, China; 19, November 2014: Electromechanically operated valves are used in a variety of machines. Solenoid Valves are an important component to be used in the fluid mechanics. China based Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Company is introducing their Hydraulic Solenoid Valves that can be used in various machines because of their improved designs. The valves are remarkable for their automation and improved manipulation characteristics, and can easily meet the requirements of the modern-day hydraulic systems. 

According to the spokesperson, their valves are pretty desirable for many industries. Finotek Hydraulic Valves remarkable for their great performance and can be used in the high pressure hydraulic systems. The Solenoid Operated Directional Valve can be used to form two-directional or three-directional working positions. With the great performance and the flexibility of mounting them on the hydraulic systems, these valves are applied in a variety of systems and machines. These valves also feature improved designing and a better appearance. 

The company also brings Hydraulic Solenoid Control Valve that features excellent sealing for a long-lasting performance. These valves have a variety of applications and can be used in different industries. The valves are perfect for the safe switching and low power control. The compact design and the good quality material used in the manufacturing of the valves make them highly reliable and compatible for various applications. 

In order to meet the changing needs of various industries, Finotek Machinery continuously invests in the new technologies to deliver the best quality valves. The R&D team of the company endeavors to upgrade the products and helps industrial clients improve their output and the performance. Moreover, the company offers several kinds of design variations, so that the valves can perfectly meet various industrial requirements. The Finotek valves are remarkable for their smooth functioning and great performance. One can learn more about their products by visiting the website http://www.finotek.com/. 

About Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Finotek Machinery Company was established in 2006. The company is an enterprise, specializing in manufacturing hydraulic valves such as directional control valves, hydraulic pressure control valves, hydraulic flow control valves, hydraulic check valves, valve blocks & various valve accessories. The products manufactured by them meet the technical and quality standard of developed countries and developing countries. Finotek Machinery has a rigorous testing process to provide clients with 100% satisfactory and high quality products. 

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