United Kingdom; 27, March 2015: Many people seek short term renting of properties which may last for days, weeks or even months. Flat Valet specializes in the management of short term rentals. It manages listing through sites such as Airbnb and provides tailor made solutions for businesses or clients seeking offline management of property. The airbnb property management London Company coordinates and communicates with the guests, manages check-ins and key exchanges, cleans up and set up properties. All of this is done without any long term commitment or any upfront fee. 

Flat Valet is putting on efforts for expansion of its services. The company was started off by the founder Sergio who has a decade of business experience along with the passion for travelling and culture. With Airbnb management, a venture into the world of hosting was started. Presently, it is servicing areas such as Central London and Lima Miraflores and Barranco. The guest deposit is taken away while the clients receive host insurance from Airnb. Price optimization is done by using smart analytics to minimize the vacancy of the property while ensuring the client offers best possible guest experience. 

For the customers, there are mainly three different service packages on offer. This includes complete, offline and online. Each of these packages is designed to cater to the varying needs of clients. There is no cost required to join Flat Valet as no upfront fees is changed anywhere. It is up to the customers to fix the date of beginning to use the services. All of the guests have to verify their identity and provide a security deposit to cover the expenses of probable property damage. The clients would be also covered by the third party host insurance. However, the same isn’t applicable on offline and individual service packages of the airbnb help provider. 

The airbnb London help provider also provides multilingual support when needed. It can communicate in languages like Spanish, French and English whenever needed. Listings can be created and queries can be also responded to in any of these languages. Flat Valet can maximize the profit of clients by keeping the vacancy of their property low and at the same time using smart price analytics system to optimize the property price. 

The guests are provided with a flawless offline experience and encouraging positive reviews in the client’s airbnb profile. Property is advertised in social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, etc. In the absence of long term commitments, it’s up to the users to cancel the services at their convenience. 

About Flat Valet: 


Flat Valet gives exclusive opportunity to landlords and authorized tenants who are interested in renting their property. It uses price analytics software to update the property prices of clients to ensure it’s competitive. Bookings are managed through Airbnb and the company is trying to expand its services in other areas across UK.