07, May 2015: New tourism statistics have indicated that popularity for European luxury barging holidays is steadily on the rise. Renowned barge cruising company European Waterways has revealed that French canal cruises, in particular, are proving to be very sought after.

With over 2700 miles of inland waterways and a 750-mile network of canals linking up to main rivers, it’s no surprise that France is such a favoured destination for luxury barging holidays.

Popular Canals

Canal de la Marne au Rhin can be found connected to the River Marne in Vitry-le-Francois and the River Rhine in Strasbourg. With easy transport between Paris and eastern France, it is a very popular barging destination; it is well renowned for its delicious varietals of wines produced in the surrounding vineyards.

Cana du Nivernais was opened in 1843, with its sole purpose being to transport firewood from the Morvan forests into Paris. Once known for its chaotic atmosphere (as it took 60 years to create), this image has since been replaced with one of peace and beauty. Its surrounding vineyards and villages are truly picturesque. It passes through western Burgundy and crosses the Yonne Valley, a popular location on the itinerary of a number of European Waterway’s barging holidays in France.

Canal du Midi has been earmarked as an essential barging destination for travellers interested in France’s extensive history and culture. The canal has remained almost untouched for over 300 years and portrays a blend of Gallo-Roman and traditional inspiration throughout the region. The canal banks are ripe for exploration, especially for lovers of botany, as they play host to many different tree species such as pines, poplars, cypresses and planes.

As one of the most renowned and respected operators offering these kinds of holidays in France, a spokesperson from European Waterways commented, "Our success is partly due to the diversity of our barging holidays in France – we have an itinerary to suit everybody. We’re delighted that our holidays are proving to be such a big hit and we'll continue to strive to give our clients the ultimate experience."

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