Repeat 4,000 timeless game games in One #Arcade #Game #Machine!
Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Asteroids and even more!
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Hey all of you arcade video game followers, we have an entirely new line of #arcade #game #machines. The new brand name of gallery video game machines is call Timeless Gallery System!
Selling the worlds ideal arcadegames, and also arcadegame arcade gaming machines, like pacman, also far better than multicade arcade games machines
Classic Arcade System, Inc, makes over 25 different types of #arcade # game #machines that flaunt 100's, and even 1,000's of games all in the comfort of one industrial quality, full-size #arcade #machines.
Visualize, playing your favorite video games from the 80's like Pac-man, Galaga, Frogger, Missile Command, Space Intruders, Donkey Kong and extra. Or, perhaps you like playing video games from the 90's like, Road Boxer, Tekken, X-Men, the Simpsons, NBA Jam, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Terminator, Cruisin USA therefore much more.
Ok, so you're a little more youthful than I believed right? How around some classics from the 2,000's like; Knights of the Round, Smash TV, Konomi arcade video games, Shoot out swimming pool, Sega game video games, and so a lot more?
We offer full-size stand-up arcade games with LED high-definition displays from 19' to 35' in size.
We likewise provide sit-down design mixed drink closet arcade games with tops that illuminate, LED blinking lights, and also we include stools with all video games that we sell.
In addition, we sell a really BAD-ASS digital pinball machine that consists of a 42" high-definition LCD evaluate that incurs 2,000 traditional pinball machines.
Our online pinball machine is SO LIFELIKE, you might forget it is a video clip pinball machine. LEARN ABOUT OUR MANY POPULAR ARCADE GAME SYSTEM!
So, exactly what is the "TIMELESS GAME SYSTEM?" It is a genuine game video gaming system that ENABLES you to play up to 3,500 REAL game video games in 1 FULL-SIZE commercial arcade closet!
The TIMELESS GALLERY SYSTEM brand is made up of numerous special game video games that are built with commercial grade elements.
The game machines are constructed for business usage as well as residence use.
Unlike numerous various other game games consisting of multi-game systems, the "TIMELESS ARCADE SYSTEM" are constructed with the highest requirements feasible.
Consequently, all components including equipment, circuit boards, cabinets and also monitors are business grade!
Furthermore, when comparing the worth, you are receiving from among these systems, in the long run, you are possibly SAVING at least 40% when compared to similar FULL-SIZE #arcade #machines, games, and also systems!
Make sure to watch all offered video games designs.
All CLASSIC GALLERY SYSTEM game systems are made by hand as purchased in the U.S.A.!
Visit our web site to get more information, watch video clip demonstrations, and to OWN your VERY OWN
Timeless Arcade System Multi-Game gallery machine
below is an extremely short list of games included. Sorry, yet we really could not place 3,500 game titles on this site! You can see a whole list of games on our web site:
1. Ms. Pacman
2. Donkey Kong
3. Galaxian
4. Mr. Do
5. Galaga3
6. 1942
7. Mappy
8. JR Pacman
9. Time Pilot
10. Space Panic
11. Arkanoid
20. Galaga.
21. Donkey Kong Junior.
22. Dig Dug.
23. Space Invaders.
24. Gyruss.
25. Ladybug.
26. Centipede.
27. Pengo.
28. Super Cobra.
29. Super Breakout.
30. Qix.
31. Mr. Do's Castle.
32. Scramble.
33.Shao-Lin's Road.
34.Van-Van Vehicle.
35. Amidar.
36. Pleiads.
37.1943 Kai.
38. MS. Pacman 2.
39. Jr Pacman 2.
40. Frogger.
41. Donkey Kong 3.
42. Crush Roller.
43. Pacman.
44. Tank Squadron.
45. Burger Time.
46. Millipede.
47. Phoenix az.
48. Hustler.
49. New Rally X.
50. Juno Frist.
51. Moon Cresta.
52. Super Pacman.
53. King & Balloon.
54. Pacman Plus.
55. Zaxxon.
57. Congo Bongo.
59. Pacman Plus2.
60. Pacman 2.
61. Art of Fighting.
62. Art of Fighting 2.
63. Art of Battling 3.
65. Super Street Competitor II X.
66. Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
67. Super Road Competitor II: The New Oppositions.
68. Super Problem Fighter II X.
69. Super Puzzle Competitor II Turbo.
70. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.
71. Street Fighter Alpha 2.
72. Street Boxer Alpha 3.
73. Street Fighter No 2.
74. Road Boxer No 3.
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Sorry, but we truly could not put 3,500 game titles on this website! You can see a whole checklist of video games on our site:
Super Road Fighter II X.
66. Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
Super Problem Fighter II X.