St. Helen, Maryland; 13, May 2015: Adsense Revenue Sharing Program has made it possible to make money off your website contents. This has helped bloggers like Samuel King to earn a lot of Dollars online in the niche and blogging sphere. However, to get accepted by Google Adsense is a major issue when you do not know what it takes to get approved. Giditechs at is the solution you have been looking for.

For over 5 years now, Giditechs has been working online in the Adsense Niche Website Creation Sphere. With this vast array of knowledge, he has been able to discover the perfect design of Niche websites that will give you a start to apply for an adsense account. Plus another package that guarantees you an approved adsense account that comes together with your niche website design.

I bet you already know what adsense means and this is why this topic will interest you right? However, if you are still new in the game, then I bet you need someone inside the game for over half a decade to guide you through to success.

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Why Niche Websites? Gone are the days when you come online and search through a bunch of websites to find what interest you. People now surf the website to get instant information about a problem or development in a studies or similar issues. So in order to solve the problem of people wasting time surfing the website for hours before arriving at a solution to their problem, Niche based websites are been built to take care of specific issues. This means on a website which niche is all about: Teeth Whitening Tips, all articles you will find there will be related to how to get your teeth whitened. If you mistakenly stumble on such a site finding a solution to cure yeast, you will be disappointed as the website is all about how to get your teeth whitened.

So, how can Giditechs help you on this? There are various packages offered on This include

• DO IT YOURSELF AFTER DESIGN: With this package, all it cost is $5 where you get a website designed for you fulfilling the standard adsense niche requirements with non unique articles. With this website, you can write more articles about 20-25 articles then apply for adsense approval.

• ADVANCE NICHE PACKAGE: This package includes the DO IT YOURSELF AFTER DESIGN PACKAGE and for those that needs a start up for Search Engine Optimization, plugins for SEO will be carefully installed as well as basic onpage SEO will be done

• SUPER PACKAGE: This offers you all the above packages and a guaranteed approval of adsense account application for your niche website. This means your website will be delivered together with an approved NON HOSTED adsense account that readily shows on your website as well as any other websites you own and wants to show ads on. Right now, orders for this SUPER PACKAGE are been accepted from Citizens of the following countries and continents


* Contact Giditechs if your Country doesn’t fall within this list.

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